Thursday, December 6, 2007

What is Leaguism?

"Leaguism," sometimes spelled "Leagueism," is a political ideology which attempts to combine the better aspects of the right and left, and mold them together under a nationalistic banner. It is the ideology which was invented by the Lega Nord party in Northern Italy.

The name Lega Nord (Northern League in English) is taken from the Lombard League. The Lombard League which was the alliance of Northern Italian city states in the middle ages, which fought for and won it's independence on several occasions from the Germanic Holy Roman Empire.

Leaguism is the antithesis of Imperialism, Globalism, and central governance, so it is somewhat similar to Libertarianism. It not only respects, but fosters and encourages the local cultures of regions, provinces, and cities. Leaguism is sometimes synonymous with regionalism or secessionism. Whenever a city, anywhere in the world, is touted as an "International City," that always spells the decline of the local culture.

Although attacked as Fascist or Communist by it's Monopoly Capitalist and Social Marxist opponents, it is nothing of the sort. If Globalism (Fabian Socialism) is the fusion of Monopoly Capitalism and Social Marxism, then Leaguism attempts to take pure Capitalism and pure Democracy and merge them in practice (not as overriding dictatorial systems) in a similar manner as was done in early America.

Leaguism is not to be confused with "Land Leaguism" or "Collectivism." It attempts to take the best aspects of both individualism and regional identity. You could say that it would tout the individual, the region, and the nation as "sovereigns." It is ANYTHING but Communist or Fascist.

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