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Luigi Galvani - "the pioneer of bioelectromagnetics" - Romagnol ancestry

Luigi Galvani



Luigi Galvani

Luigi Aloisio Galvani:: [9 September 1737 – 4 December 1798) was an Italian physician, physicist, biologist and philosopher, who discovered animal electricity. He is recognized as the pioneer of bioelectromagnetics. In 1780, he discovered that the muscles of dead frogs' legs twitched when struck by an electrical spark. This was one of the first forays into the study of bioelectricity, a field that still studies the electrical patterns and signals from tissues such as the nerves and muscles.

Galvani's wife Lucia Galeazzi Galvani encouraged his independent research, and served as a counselor and guide for his experiments until her death. Due to the conventions of the time she wasn't credited for any scientific work she may have done in the lab. She grew up with science and her father was a prominent member of the Bologna Academy of Science.

Piazza del Popolo in Cesena, Romagna

Galvani vs. Volta

[Luigi Galvani vs. Alessandro Volta]

[Similar to the dueling wizards "Tesla vs. Edison"]

Volta, a professor of experimental physics in the University of Pavia, was among the first scientists who repeated and checked Galvani’s experiments. At first, he embraced animal electricity. However, he started to doubt that the conductions were caused by a specific electricity intrinsic to animal's legs or other body parts. Volta believed that the contractions depended on the metal cable Galvani used to connect the nerves and muscles in his experiments.

Volta's investigations led shortly to the invention of an early battery. Galvani believed that the animal electricity came from the muscle in its pelvis. Volta, in opposition, reasoned that the animal electricity was a physical phenomenon caused by rubbing frog skin and not a metallic electricity.

Every cell has a cell potential; biological electricity has the same chemical underpinnings as the current between electrochemical cells, and thus can be duplicated outside the body. Volta's intuition was correct. Volta, essentially, objected to Galvani’s conclusions about "animal electric fluid", but the two scientists disagreed respectfully and Volta coined the term "Galvanism" for a direct current of electricity produced by chemical action. Thus, owing to an argument between the two in regard to the source or cause of the electricity, Volta built the first battery in order to specifically disprove his associate's theory. Volta's “pile” became known therefore as a voltaic pile.

After the controversy with Volta, Galvani kept a low profile partly because of his attitude towards the controversy, and partly because his health and spirits had declined, especially after the death of his wife, Lucia, in 1790.

Since Galvani was reluctant to intervene in the controversy with Volta, he trusted his nephew, Giovanni Aldini, to act as the main defender of the theory of animal electricity.

Galvani vs. Volta [36:35 to 53:41]



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'Riccardo Giacconi, 87, Explorer of the Universe Through X-Rays, Dies'

[Right: The astrophysicist Riccardo Giacconi at a symposium at Stanford University in 1962. His specialty was studying the universe through X-rays.]

'Riccardo Giacconi, 87, Explorer of the Universe Through X-Rays, Dies'

By Dennis Overbye - New /York Times - December 13, 2018

Riccardo Giacconi, an astrophysicist who won the Nobel Prize for pioneering the study of the universe through the X-rays emitted by the most violent actors in the cosmos, including black holes, exploding stars and galumphing clouds of galaxies, died on Sunday in the La Jolla section of San Diego. He was 87.

The National Academy of Sciences, of which he was a member, announced his death.

Dr. Giacconi was one of the great captains of Big Science, leaving lasting imprints on major astronomical institutions like the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, which runs the Hubble Space Telescope, and the European Southern Observatory in Germany, where he oversaw the building of the largest telescope on Earth. He helped set the pattern for how large scientific projects are run today.

“If you need to do something big, Riccardo was up to the task,” Robert Kirshner, an astronomer at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation in Palo Alto, Calif., said by email. Ticking off the observatories Dr. Giacconi directed, Dr. Kirshner called them the “great tools of discovery in the 20th (and 21st) century.”



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Greatest AudioBooks

This biography of Puccini was written while the composer was at the height of his career. Besides the usual biographical information, the author summarizes and discusses Puccini's works to this point, including Le Villi, Edgar, Manon Lescaut, La Boheme, Tosca, and Madama Butterfly (which was in production at the time of this writing). - Summary by Ciufi Galeazzi


Giacomo Puccini

Giacomo Antonio Domenico Michele Secondo Maria Puccini; 22 December 1858 – 29 November 1924) was an Italian opera composer who has been called "the greatest composer of Italian opera after Verdi."

Puccini's early work was rooted in traditional late-19th-century romantic Italian opera. Later, he successfully developed his work in the realistic verismo style, of which he became one of the leading exponents.

Puccini's most renowned works are La bohème (1896), Tosca (1900), Madama Butterfly (1904), and Turandot (1924), all of which are among the important operas played as standards.


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Halloween In Venice

Halloween In Venice | Italy

Broshar's Adventures

Halloween in Venice, Italy

Dr Kakoon

Touristing around the island city. Wanted to upload this earlier, but too busy traveling. The whole place is photogenic. Old, weathered architecture and materials. Original frescoes, hundreds of years old.  Wish I could have gotten to Poveglia island.  I needed another day or two, and probably bribe money to get there.  A licensed water taxi will not go there.  It was off limits while owned by the government. Now that Poveglia is sold to a developer, it could be even more of a challenge if they have security. So close, and yet........ so far.


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Poland, Czech Republic, Italy All Stand by Hungary Against the EU

Poland, Czech Republic, Italy All Stand by Hungary Against the EU


Four brave states:

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The EU Will Not Break Hungary

Nationalist Right Lega Becomes Italy’s Most Popular Party!!!

Northern League Wins Again: Italy Continues Its Turn to the Right!!!

Basically there is no longer any political "Left".... not since Wall Street banker/war profiteers and upper middle class street anarchists started holding each others hands... with a similar socio-political dynamic taking place all over the Western world. If there is such a strong pull to the far left, then why is there virtually no labor movement?... because of the people at the top string pulling all of these controlled opposition groups. You can't get an anarchist to protest a military industrial plant, you can't get a gay activist to support a strike, you almost literally cannot get any of these people to even think for a split second about a protest against geoengineering... but oh boy, you sure can get them excited about allowing a man to use the same bathroom as a little girl !!

In addition, this climate where the  political right is the only game in town has it's own tremendous logistical problems. For example, Paleo-Conservatives can and have used this contrived crisis to push some of their old favorite issues, such as right-to-work. It's not especially helpful to have a nationalist political party like the Northern League to be perceived as far right only. What is the opposite of Nationalism?..... Globalism aka Plutocratic Internationalism! In the current condition, a person could basically have their full belief system centered around at least what used to be a left-of-center set of issues... but if that person also opposed open borders, men using the same bathroom as little girls, or having the words "mother" and "father" banned in the public schools... well, then you must be a Fascist. However, it's okay for them to support Democrat candidates who adhere to Fascist-Globalism within a much more logical and defined definition. To the unthinking masses, Globalism is just about cooperation and trade; rather than what it actually is, a vicious and distinct plutocratic world politic.

Prior to the 1999 WTO protest in Seattle, the only people who opposed Globalization were certain comparatively small segments on the right. After the Seattle protest, the plutocrats focused and invested a massive amount of resources to corralling the liberal masses under their wing, with disastrous consequences for all decent people regardless of politics or socio-economic status. For example, now we have an entirely fake environmental movement replacing the real one... with the end-goal being a WORLD TAX. Then they can save the world by forcing all of the poor people of the world to pay money to a front for international banking cartels who have a combined wealth the equivalent of many hundreds of trillions of dollars... and that comes straight from their own biographical books.

Everything is based on perception today. During the Seattle anti-Globalization protests, Rush Limbaugh condemned it while Michael Moore praised it... all based on what how they perceived it on the surface. Today, in a painful example of intellectual dishonesty, both of them have switched sides on this issue.... and all based on how it is perceived socio-politically. In other words, when President Trump took direct action against Globalization, the controlled opposition left screamed bloody murder; however, if a hypothetical say President Cynthia McKinney had done the exact same thing, an equally mindless pack of right wing controlled opposition masses would have screamed bloody murder as well. How do we defeat this unprincipled and staged madness!??

The profession of Lawyer has slowly became known as an Attorney. The real root of this word comes from an older profession known as an Attorn. The Attorn (or Attournen, Aturner, Atorner) was the one who arranged for the transfer of wealth from the worker, farmer, or shopkeeper over to the monarchy. Isn't that wonderful!!? No, there effectively is no Left anymore, but largely rabid packs of little narcissistic self-appointed Attorns... ignorantly fighting tooth-and-nail for the transfer of wealth from the working poor over to the Global Elite.... not to mention the coming WORLD TAX. What if it wasn't Trump wrecking their plans?... what if somehow though a twist of fate, Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney became President and did at least many of the same types of things to drive these bankers crazy?.. such as getting rid of TPP or NAFTA? The answer is obvious! Right wing controlled opposition groups would suddenly spring out of nowhere and call for their heads! In other words, something similar to what's happening now. You cannot fix this problem by treating its symptoms, but you must get at the cancer itself!

Back in the 60s and 70s, the Global Elite used so-called left wing controlled opposition groups to commit acts of terrorism in the U.S. and in Europe. I really don't know if there's any way out've this. If there were some actual grassroots movement that really unified people, it would be infiltrated and destroyed in no time. All they had to do was threaten Ross Perot's life and he ran for the hills. They're always 2 or 3 steps ahead of us. Obama was CIA from day one, then they formulated a fake past and identity, and out of nowhere he's the sitting President and bombing country after country so that the same Wall Street bankers and war profiteers---who developed him for his role, financed him, and praised him though the mainstream media---could then cash in.... making hundreds of billions of dollars.. and the signing of NDAA... bailing out the bankers..... the stimulus package (the banks largely sat on the money instead of loaning it out to stimulate the economy)...... doubling the debt..... signing over millions of acres of Navajo sacred land over to the mining companies via executive order... destroying the water infrastructure in Libya (which brought massive amounts of free water to the people from deep under the Sahara desert)... and after all of this, he still gets to be a liberal icon!! Forget about fake news, we have fake human beings now.

EU Wants to Force Internet Firms to Remove "Extremist" Content Within One Hour


But it will certainly be misapplied and only the largest firms can posssibly micromanage like that and then only with AI:


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Total Wine - The glamour of the agricultural estate

Total Wine and More

Total Wine and More--or "Total Wine Superstore" as it shows on its store banner--is a chain of 130 stores nationwide. They specialize in wine, as well as all other types of alcoholic beverages and accessories. The owners are David and Robert Trone, who started the company as one small store in Delaware in 1991. I found the store to be very interesting just to walk through. It was large, spacious, and decorative to start with. Perhaps 60% of the store was wine-oriented; usually separated by country or region. There's a wide range of pricing, and I can say that the prices are comparatively good. When they first opened here, I thought that I would like it despite an over-saturation of the market locally.

Of course, there are many wines from nearby Napa and Sonoma counties; but the store features all other chief wine-producing regions, with an emphasis on France.. as well as Piedment. There's a large beer section, as well as all types of alcohol and accessories. There is also a temperature-controlled cigar room... adding a further touch of class... or at least perceived class. There is also a temperature-controlled fine wine section, a very nice large wine tasting room, and an education room where one can sign up for classes. Beverages and More is more beer oriented, with many non-alcoholic beverages. I know of a few particularly interesting and top notch liquor stores with a large selection, as well as small stores with a separate wine room it the back. In this market, personally, I don't think that I prefer either larger chains like Total Wine, or top notch smaller businesses.

Each store currently offers a free 230 page complimentary 'Guide to Wine'. The guide is filled with photos, the history of wine making, including separate histories such as in America, and all aspects of wine past and present. There's an interesting map of the chief wine-producing regions of the world. The tropics are not at all known for wine production. It's only in certain northern climates, many with hot summers and cold winters. South and central Europe, California and up through central Washington, most of New England, the northern part of the cone of South America, the Maghrib coast of northwest Africa, west and southeast Australia, northern New Zealand, and in a small area of southwest Australia, a part of the Chinese coast near North Korea, small pockets of central Japan, and a part of southwest South Africa.

Our own Cisalpine people were major pioneers, going back a long time, of the wine production in northern California, the cone of South America, and South Africa. As it is stated next to the map: Just over 19 million acres of the world's surface is planted with grape vines. Total Wine has a lot of business with French vintners from the famous wine-producing regions there; and the guide shows a lot of these chateaus. The guide states: Historians believe Italian wine has been produced for some 4,000 years. Italian wines are also featured to a large extend in the guide. The vast majority of Spain is of prime climate and soil for wine production; more per capita than any other country in the world it appears. Then it goes onto Portugal, Germany, Austria, and of course California.

Another wine producing region that has grown a lot in recent years is the state of Washington. I've been seeing a lot more Washington wines on the market lately. It then featured a few pages each on Oregon, New York and Virginia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Greece, and Israel; then it went into sparkling wine and dessert wine. There are a very large number of photographs within the guide. One thing that struck me is the many photos of the Trone family visiting with the families of these various vintners. I don't know if glamour is really the word, as it's something more than glamour, more than prestige; but there is a certain warmth surrounding the wine industry in general... much more so than any air of snobbishness. Vintners are essentially farmers living on farm estates. I suppose it could be said that wealthy vintners could represent the rural high socio-economic class... the old concept of a country gentleman.

I remember one time I was traveling with a couple of friends through Lake County, California--a growing wine area--during the the twilight hour. We stopped at Ployez Winery and discovered that it was closed. However, the owner Gerard invited us in anyway and we visited. He was originally from France; drawn to Lake County for it wine producing potential. There's still a particular good nature surrounding the industry. The Nichelini family winery near St. Helena--a winery with deep roots in the area--is another good example of this gracious spirit.

The old Cisalpine family wineries of northern California

There was a certain glory, at least in my perception, to the history of the Cisalpine vintners in northern California... largely of Ligurian or Tuscan descent. Even back to the 19th century, our pioneer ancestors were--by opportunity, will, and hard work--able to form, or help form, new communities in rural areas. That's just about the polar opposite of the modern urban sea of strangers. Most often, these clans did all of the work themselves, and enjoyed the benefits of their toil. They lived on beautiful estates, could propagate themselves and their own culture, and had the freedom to control their own destiny. They were their own boss. Of course, this would also pertain to all areas of farming as well.

Agriculture and the Sicilian immigrants in Louisiana

I recall one time listening to a man, from one of the Italian-American associations in Louisiana, speaking on the distinct history of Sicilian immigrants who settled in Louisiana and took over the agricultural work from the slaves who had done with work before the Civil War. Some of these Sicilians soon became small farmers themselves, and made do in difficult to farm wetlands. He was describing how the French/Catholic or European/Latin culture of New Orleans and south Louisiana was largely the same as from what they remembered, and how it was easy for them to adapt. Basically what he was saying is that there was a certain glory (he didn't actually use that word) to this time period... from that perspective. We have to remember today that this was a totally different time. It could be harsh, so family and community were important.

German farming communities in the Midwest

During roughly the 20 years following the Civil War, about 6 million German immigrants (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Prussia) emigrated to the United States... largely to the Midwest. They formed farming communities in what was then a large frontier region. Of course, these communities reflected German language and culture. There certainly was a particular glory to this time period, and for a long time after that, from a their perspective. Unlike today, these family clans also did all of the work themselves. According to Thomas Sowell, the more research he did, the more he realized just how much German immigrants detested the institution of slavery. These farmers lived by a certain code of honor surrounding their business and work, and slavery was against everything they believed in.

My favorite white wine: Beringer White Zinfandel

White Zinfandel is a great option for someone who doesn't really like wine. It is sweet and light, and leaves none of the sour or bitterness that some wines create. Beringer does a great job of delivering a quality product for an awesome price.


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South African government begins seizing land from white farmers; Cisalpine-Afrikaner farms and wineries to be confiscated by ANC black nationalist government

South Africa to expropriate land from whites without compensation


South Africa's ruling African National Congress committed on Tuesday to amending the constitution, to allow the state to seize land without paying compensation.

READ MORE: 'South Africa to change constitution to legalize taking away white farmers' land'


South Africa begins seizing land from white farmers

The End of South Africa, Prepare Yourself | Stefan Molyneux

'South Africa farm seizures 'could become next ZIMBABWE', warns expert'


The thousands of murders of white South African farmers has been a major under-reported news story for many years; as well as numerous other problems which are so extreme that most people probably wouldn't believe the statistics if you told them. Some of those farm communities are older than the United States. The truth is that most of the land which is now South Africa was uninhabited when Dutch colonists first arrived; and the 90% black majority today are descended from Bantu ethnic types who had migrated there in large numbers. The actual native were little frail Capoid and Bushman ethnic types, who have long been brutalized and replaced in many regions.

This is shaping up to be a repeat of what happened in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) under Robert Mugabe, only on a much larger and destructive scale. One of the main groups pushing for "land reform" (aka "confiscating farm properties from those of European descent without compensation") is the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). Their outspoken president is Julius Malema, a self-styled Marxist-Leninist donning an ice cream outfit; who, to me, just looks like some cream puff who probably has never held a job or done any hard work in his life. He's probably really more of a political entrepreneur whose party has indeed garnered the necessary votes to be part of the power structure.

Included in this land confiscation will be Cisalpine-Afrikaner family farms and vineyards, which are numerous. Those are our people, regardless of nationality. It's not unlike our Cisalpine people who migrated to southern Brazil and were much more intelligent, creative, industrious, and hard working than those living there in hapless, shiftless, abject poverty. Our people weren't just some immigrants; they were founders of great endeavors. We are a truly great people.

The USA, it's original name, was founded as specifically a Democratic-Republic. A pure Democracy was described by Benjamin Franklin as "two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch." While China today is practically National Socialist, South Africa is more pure Democracy. It's amazing that Serbia was bombed by many countries for it's role in an ethnic struggle of which there was a similar amount of violence on both sides. Yet Indonesia is engaged in an ongoing racial/ethnic genocide in Irian Jaya, and the world couldn't care less. Politics and media is garbage. it's never just, it's never logical, it's never evenly applied, and it's never consistent.

What is the South Africa planning on using for food?