Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our New Symbol: The Triquetra

The PAL had been using the actual flag of the Langbard Kingdom for a number of reasons. One being that it was literally the flag of a country which encompassed the northern part of the Italian peninsula. Another being the symbolism on it, with the red odal rune, which probably was of Etruscan origin, as the original runes were. Red represents blood, and the odal rune means "our land."

While we still will use the Langbard flag, as well as the Betsy Ross flag, we have adopted a signature symbol, much like Lega Nord has. I would also like to add that the Betsy Ross flag symbolizes that our people have been in America from its beginning. I mean the 1600s, and maybe someone can say Columbus as well. Getting back to the original point, we needed a symbol which would truly represent us, so that when someone sees it, there's no doubt who it is.

Lega Nord uses the great, but somewhat little-used "Sun of the Alps" symbol, which is Celtic in origin. The Celts have very deep roots in the country, while the Lombards, like the Romans, were technically invaders. I think that is why they chose that symbol. They used green, as it's sometimes thought of as a Celtic color, although it's probably more of an Irish-Celtic color. It should noted that the Celts were in our country long before other branches of them migrated to the British Isles.

We chose the Triquetra, also of Celtic origin. Specifically either red-on-white or white-on-red. There is tremendous symbolism here. The red and white is a take on the Langbard flag colors. Red also symbolizes blood, although that wasn't one of the reasons we even thought of. Also, some Catholic institutions use the Triquetra symbol, as to them it represents the Holy Trinity: "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit." Usually that comes by way of the Irish Catholic influence. This symbol goes clear back into the ancient world. As far as we can tell, the original meaning was that it symbolized God Odin. I know all of this sounds somewhat wild, but it's all true, and can be proven. It should also be pointed out that this particular triquetra is probably ancient Celtic and has three separate interlocking parts to it, making it very distinct.

I was just looking at, and I can see that there is even more to this than I had originally thought. Amazing. Well, I think we have made our case here. It can represent many aspects of our history at the same time.



Triquetra (Triqueta, Trinity Knot)

The triquetra (sometimes, triqueta) is a tripartate symbol composed of three interlocked vesica pisces, marking the intersection of three circles. It is most commonly a symbol of the Holy Trinity (Father, son, Holy spirit) used by the Celtic Christian Church, sometimes stylized as three interlaced fish:

The triqueta symbol predates Christianity and was likely a Celtic symbol of the Goddess, and in the North, a symbol of the god Odin. Although it is often asserted that the triquetra is a symbol of a tripartite goddess, no such goddess has been identified with the symbol. Similar symbols do occur in some Norse and Celtic goddess imagery, but most likely represents the divisions of the animal kingdom and the three domains of earth mentioned above.

Triplicities were common symbols in Celtic myth and legend, one of the possible reasons Christian beliefs were so easily adopted by the Celtic people. The triqueta makes an ideal Christian symbol. It is a perfect representation of the concept of “three in one” in Christian trinity beliefs, and incorporates another popular Christian symbol, the fish, in its original form of the vesica pisces. It is sometimes enclosed within a circle to emphasize the unity aspect.

In Wiccan and Neopagan belief, the triqueta symbolizes the triple aspected goddess (maid, mother, and crone). Some Christians have protested this “appropriation” of the symbol…however, ironically enough, the original Christian fish symbol was derived from an early symbol of venus, one representing female generative organs- making the triquetra perfectly appropriate symbol for a Goddess revival. The triquetra is also considered to represent the triplicities of mind, body, and soul, as well as the three domains of earth according to Celtic mythology- earth, sea, and sky.

The triquetra also appears on the television series Charmed, probably as a less threatening alternative to the pentacle (the preferred emblem of witches real and imaginary). In the show, it represents the “power of three, acting as one,” which in turn represents the three sisters.Evangelical tract writers and conspiracy theorists like to label the triquetra a ’satanic’ symbol, claiming it is a ’stylized’ 666, an allusion to the ‘number of the beast’ in the Book of Revelation. This, however, is simply wishful thinking. The triquetra of interlaced fishes is one of the very earliest of Christian symbols, predating the crucifix by hundreds of years. The purported ’satanic’ meaning of the symbol is a modern evangelical interpolation.

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