Friday, March 15, 2013

Celtic warriors - Italian Bagpipes - Cornamuse Italiane (Arriva la Piva)

The above video, and title, was from YouTube channel fabiovetro. Bagpipes may have been introduced by ancient Phoenician traders, but I have no information about "Italian bagpipes." Apparently there is some evidence of Celtic music having a similar sound in both the British Isles and in continental Europe.

When the ancient Germanic tribes came into Europe, they merged with ancient Alpine natives from Scotland to Asia Minor to produce the "Celtic cultures." The Italic tribes would have been one grouping of the "Alpines," at a time when much of Europe was covered in ice during the last glacial movement. Some of the imagery from this video is based on the Celtic Gaels and Britons, but some of it is based on the continental Celts (Gauls, Celtiberians, Hallstatts, Belgae, Cisalpines, etc.).


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