Monday, November 30, 2015

The Wolf of Gubbio


Wolf of Gubbio 

The wolf of Gubbio was a wolf that, according to the Fioretti di San Francesco, terrorized the Umbrian city of Gubbio until it was tamed by St. Francis of Assisi acting on behalf of God. The story is one of many in Christian narrative that depict holy persons exerting influence over animals and nature, a motif common to hagiography.


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Etrusco-Umbro-Gallic said...

Umbria proper was the land of saints and warriors. Many condottieri came from there.

Btw, bro, let's start a facebook page for this to get more publicity. I have an account there. You should register as Camillo Golgi, the great biologist from Val Camonica. :-P