Wednesday, April 27, 2016

'Original Joe's of Westlake is now open'

From 'Daly News' (Daly City, CA)

'Original Joe's of Westlake is now open

After closing its doors two years ago, we are pleased to announce that the iconic local restaurant , which originally opened in 1956, has now reopened after extensive renovations.

The owners of Original Joe's in San Francisco bought the Italian-American restaurant, a Henry Doelger-designed 10,000 square foot building, which is the centerpiece of the entire Westlake neighborhood on John Daly Boulevard.

With the renovations, diners will now be able to see from room to room. The famous bar, to the left of the entrance, still has a fireplace and televisions, but also fewer tables and a new sight line to the main dining area. Similarly, the adjacent Cascade Room has been opened up with big windows letting in natural light. The main dining room still revolves around the counter and the charcoal grill, and the booths are outfitted in green leather.

The menu will be similar to what it was before, with fresh pasta and ravioli prepared on site. The prices, however, will be more on par with Original Joe's in San Francisco's menu.

For the latest updates, check out the restaurant's Facebook page at

Julius Castle - now re-opened - completely remodeled

Established 1922

Historical registered San Francisco registered landmark

Italian-French Cuisine

Breathtaking view of San Francisco Bay

Call for reservations 415-392-2222

Dinner 7 days a week - seating from 5:00 to 9:30 PM

Saturday and Sunday Brunch - seating from 10:00 to 3:00 PM

1541 Montgomery Street on Telegraph Hill


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