Monday, January 22, 2007

Torino 2006 Aftermath

[The following is an entry from our old blog, which I wanted to move here]

During the Torino games, I saw many connections come to the surface, past and present, between Torino/Northwest Italy and Northern California. With so much attention focused on Torino, many non-sports related articles were featured, with links between the two areas. I felt that it was too bad that we couldn't take more advantage of this event, to tie us all together closer. To let them know we're here.

When American skier Julia Mancuso of Truckee, California, of Padanian descent, won the Gold medal in the Woman's Giant Slalom, the local Italian fans cheered for her like she was one of their own. A few days ago, Sefano Bagnasco of the Lega Nord Party acknowledged the Padanian-American League. Hopefully, this will begin a process of mutual contact which will grow into the future.

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