Tuesday, November 10, 2009

About this blog

This blog has taken a number of different directions since it's founding, and they need to be defined a little bit for clarification. It started as the main mode of communication from the PAL to the community at large, which it remains. It's a way to take many different related subjects, past and present, and tackle them at random. Also, rather than try to constantly maintain a lot of related links, we can just post links at will. It serves as something of a "think tank" for study and future plans.

The Bresciani nel Mondo blog, which changed over to the Lombardian-American blog at some point, was later just merged together with this one. Therefore, there was a focus on those related issues and subjects. Those plans discussed are now on hold.

We see pagan traditions as "a history" first, and have focused a lot of attention to those related subjects. However, we recognize the need to focus on Christian/Catholic related subjects and history. Also, there is a tremendous area of study of Etruscan/Tuscan and Umbrian history. If you wish to write about any related subject, just contact us. If it's a longer work, or continuous study, it might be a good idea to break it down into parts. Also, we would like to encourage others to make videos about aspects of our history.

In conclusion, this blog has taken a number of different directions, not always following a consistent pattern. There are many subjects that would be great to keep focusing on, but we haven't yet gotten back to them. In a few instances, there have been contradictory directions. However, that gets back to the "think tank concept." Weighing and jockeying around facts, ideas, and information in order to decide on a pragmatic approach.


STAG said...

History would be nice. The nice thing about the blog format is the ability to include links willy nilly. Links can function as footnotes on steroids (as my history prof described it) There seemed to be many posts here that I wanted to insert "citation requested" wikapedia style on almost every sentence. Not because I didn't knee jerk disbelieve the statement, but rather because if "That is so, then that changes everything!"

Fun blog. I'll follow it for awhile.

Brixia Fidelis said...

I understand what you mean. I like to use a lot of google searches with search-specific quotes, and combinations of them, when I'm not certain of a historical connection. Sometimes it brings up back pages from books at Amazon.com.

I have been wrong. I had thought there was an ancient connection between pentacle stars and triple moon symbols, and Gallic/Cernic symbols, which there was not. So like any other study, adjustment is needed. Mistakes are part of that think-tank process.

I'm going to post more pagan items at the following blog:
When viewed as "a history," different types of paganism give a great insight into the past.