Monday, November 9, 2009

The Controversy of Columbus

The two following links, two of many, came to our attention over the recent period of "Columbus Day."

Christopher Columbus Day History Sparks Spar in Calif.

Columbus Day: A Working Holiday?

Though we're not ready yet to really respond to this controversial issue, we can take a quick look at it. When the USA was 90% "European-American" a few decades ago, celebrating the explorers and pioneers of our history was as natural as breathing. However, today, the social climate has changed. Now Columbus is considered by some as a "mass murderer."

It's extremely odd that the revisionists and activists in this area are, overwhelmingly, of Hispanic, Anglo-Saxon, and Jewish descent; the modern progenitors of horrific long-term racial policies in the New World, not the least of which was the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. People talk of the Nazis as being the culmination of so much evil, yet National Socialist Germany lasted a mere twelve years. These policies lasted for many centuries. In other words, the academic policy of historically demonizing Germany, and allowing Spain, Portugal, and England to slide away from any real direct ethnic criticism, is intellectual cowardice.

The imperial policies of those three extremely powerful nations is sloppily attributed to "evil white people," rather than to Spaniards, Portuguese, and Englishmen of that day; and this is all assuming that any individual is even responsible for "what their ancestors did." So ALL white people are to blame according to the gerrymandering of the facts and evidence. Hungarians, Greeks, and Poles should also have "white guilt" according to these intellectual cowards, whose very own direct ancestors' hands were dripping red with blood.

To be entirely clear, we're just referring to those individual anti-Columbus activists. Also, nobody is responsible for "what their ancestors did." If anyone thinks that is issue is an exaggeration, just go to YouTube and find footage of the anti-Columbus protests, which is held in Colorado each year, and then think again. Again, it's pretty strange to see tens of thousands of people, whose direct ancestors administered all of the racial policies during the development of the New World, having so much to say! Rather than protesting, perhaps they should be paying reparations?

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