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Famous Cisalpines outside of Padania: Part 2

General Carl Vuono - probably a Cisalpine
Just to continue with the previous posting, Manuel Belgrano was an important Argentine economist, lawyer, politician, and military leader during the early 1800's. He took part in the Argentine Wars of Independence and created the Flag of Argentina. He is regarded as one of the main "Libertadores" of the country. A very important figure in Argentine history, he was of Ligurian ancestry. General Carl E. Vuono was a U.S. Army General who served as Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army from 1987 to 1991. His place of birth, Monongahela, seems to suggest that his father was of Camunian (Lombardian) ancestry. His mother was of Finnish descent.

Michael Cremo is an independent author and researcher, possibly of Cisalpine ancestry. His most well known work is the book 'Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race' (1994; Cremo and Thompson), in which clear evidence far predating the supposed period of human existence is presented. When fossils and artifacts don't fit the mainstream mold, they're stored away in warehouses. Whether or not he's of Cisalpine descent, I think he's done great work. Jon Volpe was a star running back for the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League. Starring alongside college and future NFL star quarterback Doug Flutie, he won the CFL's Most Outstanding Rookie Award in 1991 with 1,395 yards and 20 touchdowns. With the name "Volpe," and being a  native of Upper Michigan, seems to suggest that he's of perhaps Lombardo-Venetian descent... or at least of some Cisalpine roots.

I wanted make mention the late Joan Veon (1949-2010), which is hard to do because nothing I could write in a few sentences could ever be good enough. She was originally from Racine, Wisconsin and I think of Piedmontese ancestry, but regardless, she was a truly great American. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business, she became wealthy in the financial world, and was looking forward to retiring and moving on to new things. Instead of doing that, she—at her own expense— traveled to over 100 of the top globalist meetings to capture the most crucial information and present the big picture to all who have ears to hear and who are not afraid of the truth. After forming a media group, for sixteen years she interviewed and asked key questions of prime ministers, presidents, kings, and heads of state.

At times, as the only American reporter, Joan covered over 103 international meetings, including: the G7, G8, G10, G20, and Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel Switzerland; attended yearly the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland; and twice a year covered the IMF World Bank meetings. In addition she attended UN meetings on the Free Trade Areas of the Americas, Sustainable Development, the Earth Summit, Climate Control, the International World Court, and numerous others. Probably her best known work was the 1999 book 'United Nations Global Strait Jacket'. If, for example, most of the wealthiest men and concerns in the world kept getting together to talk about abolishing private property (Agenda 21)... wouldn't it at least be logical to look into it?  

Joe Satriani - probably not a Cisalpine
Singer-songwriter Marcella Puppini, originally from Bologna, formed the musical trio The Puppini Sisters with two English women. The group is associated with a burlesque revival, and they're quite entertaining. Sergio Pizzorno is a British guitarist and songwriter, best known for his work with the rock band Kasabian. He is of Ligurian descent. The late Marino Pieretti was another of the many "San Francisco Italian" Major League Baseball stars. Pieretti was born in Lucca, Tuscany and grew up in North Beach. There's a mural with his name at the Crocker-Amazon playground in San Francisco, nearby the old bocce ball courts. Small reminders of what is becoming a forgotten heritage in the area. Popular actress Kate Walsh is of half Italian ancestry, probably Cisalpine. She is originally from San Jose, California.

Alexander Rossi is an up and coming auto racing star from California. The late Jim Pagliaroni was a Major League Baseball catcher for many years during the 50's and 60's. He was originally from Dearborn, Michigan. Marco Scutaro is a Major League Baseball infielder who was named MVP of the 2012 National League Championship Series with the Giants. Although very likely of Southern Italian descent and being from Venezuela, he brings up the issue of Italians from South America who are seemingly not regarded by anyone as "being Italian." Personally, I think that there is a clear connection at least with "the cone of South America" as far as Italian.. or European heritage in general. However with Venezuela, being a largely Amerindian and African country, I can understand the disconnect. Joseph "Joe" Satriani is a veteran instrumental rock guitarist who seems to have done everything and been everywhere in the rock music world. Born to Italian immigrants, someone may have suggested to me that he could be of Cisalpine descent.

Piero Scaruffi is a well known freelance software consultant and university lecturer, apparently from Piemonte originally. "Piero Scaruffi's knowledge base" website. The late Don Mossi was a major league pitcher from 1954 to 1965. He was a left-handed control pitcher whose strikeout-to-walk ratio was regularly among the league leaders (he led the league in 1961). He was born in St. Helena in Napa County, California, and grew up in Daly City (just south of San Francisco); both cities with roots of people of Cisalpine ancestry.. at least then. Kristin Cavallari is a popular television personality, fashion designer, and actress.. originally from Denver. Gina Gretta is a young actress from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. San Francisco native Lady Fanucci is a well known local artist.

The late Lani O'Grady (Lanita Agratti) was an actress best remembered for her role as Mary Bradford in the early 80's television series 'Eight is Enough'. Originally from Walnut Creek, California, and of Italian-American parentage.. presumably Cisalpine. An entry from an IMDB-user: I had the pleasure of meeting Lani O'Grady back in 1989 when she came to Crawfordville, Indiana for a 4th of July fundraiser. She was full of pep and joy as she met everyone with a big smile and a hug. Heck, she even let me kiss her!! She was really a crowd pleaser and the fans just loved her. To me, Lani was a wonderful person and it broke my heart when I heard she had passed on. She will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Lani!!! I will never forget that 4th of July!!!


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