Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tribute To European Art and Architecture

Tribute To European Art and Architecture

GermanicGod's channel

Renaissance architecture and art, most of it Catholic and Cisalpine, or inspired. Below, Medieval Catalan music. Catalans are Cisalpine-like people.

trovadores! Si us quer conselh bel'ami'Alamanda...




Etrusco-Umbro-Gallic said...

This song is actually Occitan and, yes, Occitans are quite similar to Cisalpines, indeed. Catalans are, in turn, similar to Occitans and speak their language but have stronger genetic affinities to Iberia, apparent in their phenotypes and not surprising considering geography.

Camunlynx said...

It appears that the Catalonians are more united than other politically-handcuffed regional collectives such as Venetians, Basques, or Scots.