Thursday, September 7, 2017

Twitter is the most POINTLESS site on the Internet

I never understood the point of twitter in the first place. I was under the assumption that part of the draw of the internet was to connect with like-minded people. A way to perhaps break through the tragic and truthful saying: "We talk least about the things we think about most." Politics is an intellectually-dishonest, divisive cancer upon society. Unlike other sciences, political science does not self-correct upon past successes and failures. It's rooted in symbols and icons, most of which are false, that never go away.

In this Hegelian battleground, physically, warfare is carried out much like a real battlefield. The object is to kill the other side and prevail. It's actually less honest than a shooting war in that at least there are rules of a shooting war. To the average grunt, it makes little difference if perhaps their side is dead wrong on a particular point. Intellectually, the mentality is much like an athletic contest. Neither is really correct, they just seek to win. This creates a certain fervor in the animal-brains of the average person who is unable to intellectualize beyond the politics of a town or village.

One of the great weapons in this tragedy is simply ignoring facts. Radical conservatives and liberals are absolute masters at willful ignorance. In some cases they actually are aware of facts which contradict some of their position, but they not only ignore them... they actually exorcise them from their minds. This is what I would call imaginative reality. Also, because the nuttier elements just keep ramping each other up, there's no way for the honest elements to garner some degree of sanity and proportion.

The situation is so bad than if somehow Barack Obama and George W. Bush were to reverse-predidencies.. and every word and action of the other was reversed and adapted... few would notice the difference. Each constituency would then applaud actions which they would otherwise have criticized. That's the textbook definition of prejudice. It's not then the principle, but who or what is instituting it and how it was projected or spun.

Twitter is stupid and pointless. In this political symbiosis, each side parasites off of the other in a frenzy of insane dishonesty and exaggeration. It makes little difference if any particular political piranha is perhaps correct about something. Everyone is at least correct about something! Lastly, if you're one of those who tweets fifty times a day... maybe give it a rest. Nobody's listening! There's only so much red food coloring that can be used in a scary movie.

Too many people are shallow one-issue zealots with no sense of proportion who are just looking for an outlet because they're unhappy with themselves and/or their lives. Lets face it, many people in the world are stupid, unattractive, angry, lazy, gullible losers. Twitter is the ultimate hate site.


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