Saturday, October 11, 2008

Padanian-American Heritage Day

As part of the process of moving text items, issues, endeavors, and goals of ours from the main website to here, there had been a page on the main page entitled "Padanian-American Heritage Day." The idea was to proclaim Filippo Mazzei's birthday of December 25, 1730, as our "heritage day." We can cover Mazzei's accomplishments at a future time. However, while Christopher Columbus discovered "the Americas" in an official capacity for Europe (in the Caribbean), it was Mazzei who was fundamentally involved in the American Revolution. It wasn't just his written words. He was a revolutionary, and was involved in the war as a defacto "American." Columbus was sailing under the flag of Spain.

The idea, and I think that it was a good one, was to backdate his birthday one month. To use November 25th as "Padanian-American Heritage Day" in his name. Either that or December 1st. Certainly the 25th of December wouldn't be a good date for it, for obvious reasons. That time, late in the year, is when I can recall some of my fondest memories. There's a sense of the year ending and the rebirth and hope for the next year. It must be built into our DNA. The late fall/winter, Christmas, the scents, etc. It is a special time and a good time to designate that important date.

This is something that we can deliberate at a future time, but I wanted to post this entry now as a marker. I can recall a few years ago, I read an article by Lou Alfano, entitled 'Filippo Mazzei - Godfather of the Declaration of Independence.' I was unhappy with the "godfather" connotation, even though, from his perspective, I can understand his reasoning. I sent him an e-mail which reflected my disapproval. I suppose that it was not really the thing to do, even though I still don't like that reference for numerous reasons.

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