Friday, October 31, 2008

Padanian-American Roundtable

The Padanian-American Roundtable is the administrative arm of the PAL, just like any other club with officials. Currently there are no formal positions.

In many local clubs/heritage societies, we see where there are officials in which they are all white haired males, and their idea of openmindedness is bringing in some guy under 50. What is unworkable about that, among other things, is that they are often totally unapproachable, apathetic, closed-minded, and view the whole thing as a "men's club." An all-male club is fine, in and unto itself, but it doesn't work well in this capacity. We envision something different than that, which props up a program, and people are chosen based on their intelligence, dedication to serve our community, creativity, use of new technology and infrastructure, and lastly (but not least), their ability to support that program.

For example, there are many groups which don't even have a simple website, much less any presence on YouTube, Facebook, Blogspot, BlogTV, or any other type of media. Now where's the logic in that?

William Wallace was a little known historical figure before the release of the movie 'Braveheart' in 1995. Then, suddenly, he was back in dramatic fashion and large living color. There's a lesson somewhere here, I know it!

For the time being, the following e-mail will serve as a the only direct line of private communication to us:


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