Friday, October 17, 2008

More Categories and Endeavors

As stated earlier, we're moving the vast majority of text to this blog. The reason is that it's difficult and time consuming to update web pages, in comparison to just allowing the information and ideas to flow along in a blog. We've now moved another six ideas (for development) here from the main website. I just wanted to enter them, and give a quick description.

Our Patron Saint: This was designated to be Mother Cabrini, the first officially recognized American Saint. She was of Lombardian descent, and seemed to be a logical patron saint. I don't know if this is still a good idea or not, as we have many heros and icons.

Padanian-American Memorial: In New York City's "Columbus Circle," there is a very impressive statue of Christopher Columbus, which would seem to eliminate the possible need to eventually construct a monument. Again, I don't know now if this is still a good idea. Do we even really need "a memorial?" A cultural center would seem to fill that void. However, sometimes there is a need to have a "special place."

Famous Padanian-Americans: We had attempted to make a list, and this is something that we still need to do. For a relatively small population in America, there are a stunning number of very important individuals. Columbus, Cabot, Verrazzano, Vespucci, Mazzei, Busti, Giannini, Fermi, Cabrini, Beltrami, Vigo, etc., etc. That's just off the top of my head in twenty seconds! Remember the scene from 'The Godfather' were the senate is questioning Michael Corleone? One senator, being the quintessential politician, upon leaving, gives his little speech on "Italian-Americans," and goes on to name many of the great Northern Italians in American history. There's a hidden message in there somewhere, I know it!

Padanian-American Singles: A couple of individuals have suggested this, and it is a very good idea. We just want to merge this as a fuction of the Roundtable that we will form, rather than as just a half-hearted effort on a webpage. This definitely will be accomplished.

Padanian-American Historical Icon: This was another attempt to prop up our own historical figures. Queen Theodelinda was the undisputed queen and ruler of the Lombard Kingdom, and she brought Roman Catholicism to the Lombards, similar to St. Patrick. She could also represent the pagan traditions of the past, in some capacity. In conclusion, for now at least, the appearance of the Lombard queen (Northern Italy) on our logo, and Filippo Mazzei (USA) for our "heritage day," is sufficient.

This brings up a larger complex internal and external issue of Christianity vs. Heathenism. I have come to the conclusion that the Greek communities have this correct. In religion they are Greek Orthodox, but their past pagan icons are always part of their identity. In other words, the issue is ONLY an issue if someone wants to make it an problem. It should be no problem for us. So in conclusion, for us, it shouldn't be "Christianity vs. Heathenism," but "Christianity/Catholicism AND Pagan Identity (Christianity and Heathenism). You can love historical icons, or nature, or whatever, without worshipping it (unless you want to). I think we should follow the "Greek model" on this.

Padanian Females Photo Album: This was a good idea, but I don't want to maintain it, as it is time consuming. There are thousands of images of beautiful women of Tuscan, Lombard, etc., descent. Steve Sailer studies and writes about race, genetic, sociological, and anthropological issues, and when confronted with the question of "who has the most beautiful women?", he had the following to say:

"For European beauty, I'd vote for Northern Italian women."

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