Saturday, November 1, 2008

Padanian-American Political Forum and Padanian-South Africans

We intend on launching a Padanian-American Politcal Forum. While it would be near impossible today, for any group of intelligent people to see eye-to-eye on political issues; it is possible to monitor problem areas with a clear objective. One such area is the crisis in South Africa. This problem has had the lid kept on it just well enough for it to not be presented as a major crisis in the American mainstream media.

It may be unproductive to discuss this area in specifics right now, but we certainly know that there have been thousands of brutal murders of Afrikaner farm families, tremendous crime, and the introduction of a "Black Empowerment Program" by the African National Congress (the South African government). This program demands unconditionally that any "white-owned business" literally hand over 50% of it's ownership to a black person or persons. The ANC even closed down Afrikaner Charities, which provided needed aid to impoverished Afrikaner children.

There have been Afrikaners in South Africa since the 1600s, when most of the region was almost totally uninhabited. These were Dutch settlers called "Boers" (translated as "farmers"). They populated the region with mostly agricultural settlements. They were on peaceful terms with the Zulu tribe, which lived in the southeast corner of what is now South Africa. Only later, during the time of individuals like Cecil Rhodes, was there any significant bloodshed. The long and short of it is that it eventually became one of the wealthier countries in the world. A first-world country which, even all throughout the Apartheid years, had one of the world's worst illegal immigration problems.

We could talk until we're blue in the face about South Africa, but the bottom line is that it's a very bad place for the now predominantly impoverished Afrikaners. Without going into specifics, the crime rate is huge. As many as can leave the country, do leave, and they go mostly to the UK and Australia. However, while the numbers are large, it is not a solution for all. When "Afrikaner-American" actress Charlize Theron once said that there is no future for whites in South Africa, she received some harsh criticism by the same media which has ignored South Africa's plight for years.

"Italo-Sudafricani" means Italian-South Africans. These are the descendants of Italian immigrants, who migrated to the country during Apartheid, and they came from every part of Italy. Whether we use Italo-Sudafricano or Padano-Sudafricano, they are part of the now oppressed Afrikaner population. Actually all citizens are oppressed by the current state of the country, especially the rampant crime rate. It would be a good idea to monitor this situation, because if the ANC can close down a charity, what else can it do?

There are thousands of people of our blood, who are trapped in an extremely difficult situation, and may need our help. It should also be mentioned that Robert Mugabe, president-dictator of Zimbabwe since 1980, has seized many white owned farms away from families who have run them for generations, and without any compensation. This has caused widespread food shortages, largely ignored by the American mainstream media. If an emergency situation were to occur, we should answer the call, no matter where it was, or what the circumstances were.

The following link shows the Italian heritage societies in just two regions:


Cape Town

As can easily be seen, Northern Italian cultures are well represented. Lastly, the following links may be helpful as we move in closer:

La Gazzetta del Sud Africa (Italian-South African community newspaper and website)

Giovani Italo-Sudafricani (Young Italian-South Africans)

Italian-South African Chamber of Commerce (Governments of Italy & South Africa)

African Crisis (Africa's Premier Hard News Website)

There are also a number of embassies, and probably other resources which we have yet to check on. If we don't monitor this situation, one of the world's most underreported news items, who else will?


Note [11-6-08]: It should be noted that Robert Mugabe ascended into the presidency in Zimbabwe via the normal election process. However, afterward, he created an armed political army (ZANU-PF) to use force, including beatings and murders, against anyone who opposed him. This is what has kept him in power since 1980. The ANC has used tactics like this as well, so there really is a danger there that shouldn't be ignored.


Note [12-2-08]: I wanted to add the link to the Afrikaner-Genocide-Archives blog. It's a hard-hitting blog regarding the problems facing Afrikaners. Also, a YouTube search for "south africa farm murders" or something regarding Afrikaners, it will shed some light on the situtation. Many Padanian-South Africans did establish themselves in farming in both South Africa and what was Rhodesia (no Zimbabwe).

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