Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beyond the Sky: Genova to San Francisco 1850-1950

Beyond the Sky: Genova to San Francisco 1850-1950

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Being inherently more pioneer than immigrant, these people needed nobodys help. Leading a rugged underdeveloped society by example, former squalors were soon transformed into class family districts and thriving commercial centers.

Literally from each and every step, from land to sea, from slaughterhouse to dairy farm to field work to fishing net to bakery to stove, and through their own cuisine, they took the lead in simply feeding the hard working populations of California, decade after decade.

Former wilderness regions were soon dotted with roads, houses, ranches, farms, churches, vineyards, gardens, glass factories, blacksmith shops, schools, lumber mills, bakeries, building supply stores, food processing buildings, eateries, manufacturing plants, and symbols of artistic expression.

Looking from the vantage point of their departure location in Genoa, they truly created a paradise many thousands of miles away... beyond the sky!

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