Monday, June 29, 2009

The Legacy of the Etruscans

The Legacy of the Etruscans

Gary Biltcliffe Lecture

Gary Biltcliffe, Independent Researcher,presents the ancient Pelasgi and Etruscan connections with Britain, magnificent megalithic stonework, lost cities, and the city state society of archaic Europe.

"We keep on believing the teaching that the Greeks and above all the Romans are the peoples to whom the Western world owes its origins. All of this is considerably exaggerated and based on historical falsehoods. However, I have ascertained instead that it is the Etruscans, coming from the east, who are the true founders of our European culture." --Professor Graziano Baccolini, University of Bologna, 'Reflections on the Etruscan Civilization'


Kathleen Sisco said...

Well researched. Very informative. Recommended

Camunlynx said...

Apparently that YT video is gone now..