Saturday, August 31, 2013

Current Miss Padania, Serena Bignami, wearing an American t-shirt

Serena Bignami is a native of Lodi, Lombardy.

Miss Padania 2012 video

Miss Padania Wikipedia page

Miss Padania video site

We also have a "Lodi" in Northern California as well. One of it's famous residents was Robert Mondavi.



Etrusco-Umbro-Gallic said...

A catch---that she definitely is.

Speaking of Lodi---that was a memory trigger for something I was meaning to let you know about.
The Barbarossa movie is available in full on youtube. Here: /watch?v=BcHcIij-tYI
The picture quality is rather shoddy, though. The cool part is that Renzo Martinelli, an Insubrian Cisalpine, directed it, much like Franzoni directed gladiator.

Camunlynx said...

That is an interesting comparison. That movie is available on under a different name.