Monday, October 2, 2017

Over 90% of Catalonians vote for independence, despite extreme Spanish police violence


The Exposer

That's why Barcelona and Las Pamas won't be played, security can't be assured. Catalan referendum: 337 injured amid reports of rubber bullets fired by Spanish police. Violence breaks out in Barcelona as riot police attack protests, while Catalans cast independence votes in peaceful defiance of Spanish government.




The Globalist Spanish government have recruited police, from all other administrative regions of Spain, and dispatched them into Catalonia in a last minute attempt to prevent the referendum. 40% of the total GNP of Spain comes from the little state of Catalonia, which has only 14% of the population! The simple truth is  that the Spanish government believes that they preside over mere administrative regions where rootless bankers, Capitalists, Marxists, migrants, and perverts can collect their "entitlements" at the expense of the descent worker and small business person. 

This police action is very similar to the manner in which the UK has used it's military in Northern Ireland over the years. The tribal resolve of the collective Catalonian people has ultimately proven to be stronger than separatists from Ireland, Scotland, Padania, Venetia, the Basque Country, and other regions. This is far from over. Catalonia needs to seize full control of their land from an enemy foreign government by forming a provisional army immediately! This almost reminds of the the Five Days of Milan where the people literally defeated the Austrian army.

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A Knight of NĂºmenor said...

I am afraid there are too many leftists and globalists on the Catalonian side who would bring Muslims in and destroy Catalonia. Already, there are all sorts of far leftists rallying in Catalonia.

Camunlynx said...

That reminds me of a Henry Kissinger quote from the 70s, where he declared that "Greeks" were a particular problem and that their culture itself needed to be covertly attacked to weaken the society and bring them into the nationless fold over time. Over the next couple of decades, bands of a particular Marxist brand of Anarchism were established and serve as foot soldiers for the elites. Now Catalonia will be targeted as a serious regional/collective ethnic "problem" for them.