Saturday, April 28, 2007

Angelfire Glitch Destroyed PAL Website

Due to a system glitch at Angelfire, the PAL website was destroyed. Another one has replaced it (see link on blog). It seems as though no matter how many times we experience disasterous losses of data, we never truly 100% learn our lession as individuals. Our pc can crash at any time, and that's a fact. The best simple way of saving data is those little hard drives that fit into the USB port. You can only place them in or out is when the pc if off. Other than that, it's a great way to do simple periodic saves. Save those bookmarks too! I had my pc crash a couple of months ago, and lost every password and scrap of info for my bookmarks.

I have lost several family members in recent years, and have personally experienced a major health crisis from living in a toxic building. I think we also need to put things in perspective. It's just "stuff," and that's all. It still is reasonable to state that if you put a lot of work into something, that it can be frustrating to have it torn down, and to lose irretrievable data, images, etc.

It almost reminds me of the movie 'The Terminator,' when the guy from the future talks about how artificial intelligence was "trusted to run it all." We do depend a whole lot on the internet, files, documents, html code, etc. Probably too much. It's better to just keep things simple, but... easier said than done.