Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Fire from Ice: The Oligarchic/Corporate "Racism Psyop"

How do you get fire from ice? "It's impossible!" most could exclaim. Those two elements just don't mix. Well, you can get fire from ice. It's fairly simple. Find a fuel source such as some dry grass or wood and place it where you want the fire, as long as it's placed within some degree of sunlight. Then find a piece of ice and use you hand to form it into the shape of a lens. Lastly, put it at an angle and use it just like a magnifying glass and focus the beam onto the fuel source. Fire from ice.

It's almost impossible to truly understand the immense power that is generated when billionaire Globalists literally form "unions." This is done in the same basic manner as are labor unions. There is a structure, and not every party is required to like or agree with every other party. They cooperate for the benefit of the greater whole. Now when we consider that several of these larger banking institutions are worth a combined total reaching into the equivalent of hundreds of trillions of dollars (from their own biographies), only then can the socio-political-economic obscenity of this union be fully comprehended. The endgame, in it's simplest description, is to politically-terraform the world into exactly what they want it to be.

At some point these people decided, among so many things (most of which they publish), that "Racism" was to be used on multiple fronts to advance their agenda in a manner that is just as cold and calculating as when it was decided by men of enormous wealth that racially-based slavery was to be used as a free labor source. In the current corporate climate, and it's only going to get worse, people are afraid to even criticize another person if they happen to be of a different racial, ethnic, religious, gender, sexual orientation, etc. background. Of course, some degree of deliberation--even heated deliberation--is beneficial to any endeavor. If a person is afraid to even open their mouth--unless it's done in a manner that is absolutely nothing other than to advance the finite predetermined agenda of their oligarchic masters--then the total control of every part of the corporate pyramid has been established. The word of the hierarchy is gospel.

One consequence of this is that those of a particular conformist personality are continuously artificially elevated. In this way, a socially-radicalized individual is much more desirable. So therefore the Capito-Marxist tyranny of the far right wing Plutocrat male CEO and the Feminist Lesbian Liberal radical who heads the Human Resources Department is cast. I will give one deadly example of a consequence of this tyranny. There are many corporate trade shows all over the country, representing a large number of industries. During the entire week, from setup though the show and to the cleanup, there are people representing many trades working in enclosed and/or underground facilities.

These would include carpenters to salesmen, truck drivers to vice presidents, maintenance workers to inventors, etc. I personally knew several individuals whom had worked at these trade shows who have died of lung cancer. Regardless of what anyone tries to say about safety, the sad reality is that there are many forklifts used at these shows which are fueled by propane... a substance absolutely known to cause cancer. As you walk through the showroom, the smell of propane is very alarming! The ventilation is grossly insufficient! Perhaps someone needs to grab that conservative CEO or that liberal human resources director by the shirt collar and slam them against the wall and inform them that just maybe it might be a better idea to spend less energy on the Gay Studies Department and more on the Safety Department!! (if they even have one!).

Of course, real discrimination happens all the time. If they want to get rid of anyone, they can do it. Since they crushed the labor unions, there is most often no place to turn. Why do Neoliberals trash labor unions? Well their too busy with other things, such as the Gay Movement which is massively sponsored by the multinational corporations and financial institutions and their tax-exempt foundations. Nobody thinks it's just a little strange that the wealthiest most powerful Republicans meet each July in Monte Rio, California, and they're all members of the Bohemian Club headquartered in San Francisco. This Plutocratic/Globalist association openly admits that the majority of their membership are homosexual males.

How could a group with such enormous power in finance, business, politics, education, media, entertainment, intelligence, the military, health care, and in the judicial system, which is stunningly far to the right, possibly exist right smack dab in the center of San Francisco!!? Well, the ascendancy of the Gay Movement and the decline of the labor movement can give us one clue to that question. It's all theater. For example, Hillary Clinton is so far to the right that it baffles the mind, yet she is a Liberal/Feminist icon without much of a foundation to back it up. Donald Trump is an old-school Nationalist-oligarch, so used to getting his own way that he can't even remotely play reverse human psychology against the Internationalist-oligarchical establishment.

The War Machine

When Donald Trump makes a deliberately inflamatory comment, such as some of the recent ones, he easily allows the establishment's six-corporation-media (25,000 different media outlets) to charge him with with "RACISM!!!" However when Barack Obama, who initially ran on an anti-war platform, spent eight years running around the world massacring people in the third world on behalf of his sponsors--Wall Street bankers and war profiteers--this apparently wasn't racism. The simple truth is that the establishment brought Obama along for years until his time came. He was a political-psyop (psychological operation) who didn't have one Socialist bone in this body. Right wing researchers, such as Jerome Corsi and Dinesh D'Souza, walk around picking up fake planted Communist bread crumbs.

How about when Obama and Hillary absolutely obliterated the Socialist utopia of Libya? Wouldn't that make a much better case of racism than Trump's fat mouth? She said it best: "We came, we saw, he died" followed by a big laugh as she described how they destroyed Quaddafi, Libya, Socialism, and especially the demolition of the Great Man-Made River which was bringing free water to the people. No, she's not a Socialist. I'm not a Socialist, but if you're going to be a Socialist, then Qaddafi's Libya was your Socialist paradise. There is a type of "rich man's Socialism" though... GLOBALIZATION: A Global Plutocratic Technocracy. That's a big price to pay for a few government goodies. That quote, in reality, was a pathetic quote in the sense that the administrative front was merely following orders from the real "WE." When Hugo Chavez got in the way of the Establishment's plan for the Americas, well, he just happened to catch a bad case of the "CIA flew." Numerous Central and South American leaders have been murdered by this Establishment.

Corporate Gentrification

If gentrification was so "inevitable," then why didn't it happen in the Reagan 80s? It did in small part, but nothing like the tidal wave that we have seen in the last ten, twenty years! Isn't that "racism?" Since the six-corporation media monopoly says that it is not, well I guess the Social Justice Warriors are just out've luck there. The Establishment, their big daddy financier, is just not going to allow that to happen. Don't worry SJW's, all of those giant corporations have "Gay Studies Departments." You can think about that as you pack your stuff. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to spend a lifetime supporting Capito-Marxism after all. It is astonishing just how quickly the corporations can socially-terraform an urban landscape for themselves.

Corporate Immigration

If it wasn't so serious, it would be comical of how even a violent street Anarchist will never challenge the corporate agenda when it come to massive immigration. That's yet another area where the "Racism Psyop" comes in handy. "Ethnic whites" so to speak, have been completely deconstructed by both Corporate Gentrification and Immigration. Not only by being endlessly crowded out've their neighborhoods, but by having their sources of making a living cut off. For example, the corporate attacks on small business and labor unions. Unless of course people just want to join them and disappear into their nameless, faceless, culturelass human sea. Then it could work out for some. Eliminating our cultures while massively promoting the cultures of others--and the "Gay Culture"--isn't that a form of racism? Also, in essence, isn't the Gay Movement most often just a form of ethnic supremacy?? Think about that one!

Establishment "Shaming words"

The Establishment has spent a lot of time developing "shaming words" to support their agendas. In reality, "Globalist" should be the ultimate shaming word. However, they have cleverly disguised their far right wing economic program as something more akin to "global cooperation" as to not have to feel any blowback to their program. I think "Capito-Marxist" hits the nail on the head pretty well. We are facing system-controlled street movements, not organic ones. This is why the anti-Globalizatin movement fell flat on it's face after the Seattle protests of twenty years ago. The Establishment knew they had a big problem and they solved it by installing all new trained leaders to head these psyop groups to do their bidding.


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Comunità Odinista - A worldwide Cisalpine-Odinist community; "Identity" music"

Comunità Odinista ritual featuring the old flag of Langbard

Comunità Odinista was started in 1994 as an Odinist/Asatru association for Cisalpine people worldwide. The above flag is the flag of the Langbard Kingdom, and yes... it really did have a flaming red odal rune in the center; however, the inner shield was greyish brown instead of white with more of an shadowed outline of a black eagle. I exchanged emails a few years ago with a woman who was a member of the CO in Rosario, Argentina. I recall that there was a small CO group in Florida I believe. I recall some years ago briefly exchanging some messages with a Spanish Asutrar group called something like "Teutonica Alianza." I'm personally not an Asutrar, but there has been an upsurge of Euro-folk-related groups in recent years, based on the pre-Christian traditions. As far as those either related or intrinsically Cisalpine in origin, would include Asatru, the Roman and Etruscan pantheons, Gaulish polytheism, Druidism, Proto-European witchcraft, Stregheria and other magickal traditions.

There has also been a spike in recent years of "identity" music--often heavy metal or hard rock, but other forms as well--from all over the world, such as Celtic or Viking metal. In one of the recent posts, I put an example of an Etruscan-themed band. "Neoclassical darkwave" is one example of one of the many other sub-genres. There's even Catholic-themed darkwave--as I recall one such impressive band from Sardinia--and more than I can remember without committing myself to making a long list. The point is that it's not just loud "Viking metal" or "Wiccan chants"; there could be something for a lot of people to look into.

Sometimes there can be inaccurate perceptions, such as perhaps "Celtic metal" must be from Ireland; the greater Celtic cultures were from Ireland to Poland, and from Portugal to the south Balkans. One of the best Celtic metal bands that I've heard is a band from Spain called the Crystalmoors. Many of these bands--from Germany, Russia, Italy, Argentina, etc--the names escape me off-hand. I have seen where they have toured all over the U.S. It's not really "traditional music" as such, but more like any popular type of music with a particular "identity theme."


'Rex Gloriae' by Atrium Animae, a Catholic-themed darkwave band from Sardinia....


Atrium Animae songlist at YouTube

Atrium Animae YouTube


Thursday, July 11, 2019

Stossel: The Southern Poverty Law Center Scam

Stossel: The Southern Poverty Law Center Scam


There are dangerous hate groups in America. So a group called the Southern Poverty Law Center promises to warn us about them. They release an annual list of hate groups in America.

The media cover it, but John Stossel says they shouldn't. It's a scam.

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The Southern Poverty Law Center lists Ayaan Hirsi Ali — who grew up Muslim in Somalia and suffered female genital mutilation — as an "anti-Muslim extremist." Just because she now speaks out against radical Islam.

They also list the conservative Family Research Council as a "hate group."

That listing led a man to go to the Council's office to try to gun down their workers. The shooter later told law enforcement that he picked the group because he saw they were on the Southern Poverty Law Center's hate map and he wanted to fight bigots.

Stossel disagrees with the Family Research Council on many issues. But he says they don't deserve to be called haters. The group's Executive Vice President, Jerry Boykin, tells him: "I don't hate gay people, and I know gay people, and I have worked with gay people."

Another group that the Southern Poverty Law Center smears is the Ruth Institute. The group argues that gays shouldn't have the same rights to adopt. But does that make them haters? No, says founder Jennifer Morse: "I have no problem with gay people. That's not the issue."

Other reporters, such as Megyn McArdle at Bloomberg, have also pointed out that the group is an odd fit for a "hate" list.

There are many non-hateful groups on the Southern Poverty Law Center's hate list. But Antifa, which clearly is a hate group, is not on the list.

The Southern Poverty Law Center wouldn't talk to Stossel about their listings. Stossel says screaming "hate!" brings in money.

Morris Dees, the Center's founder, pays himself nearly half a million dollars a year. Although Dees once promised that when the Center's endowment reached $50 million, he'd stop fundraising, he didn't stop. Now the Center has $320 million dollars stashed away -- much of it in the Cayman Islands. It's all in their tax returns.

Stossel notes that they still con people into giving them even more money. Apple gave them $1 million last year.

He says the Southern Poverty Law Center has become a hate group itself. It is now a left-wing, money grabbing, slander machine.

Produced by Maxim Lott. Edited by Joshua Swain.


The Southern Poverty Law Center---with a half-billion dollars at its disposal---practices ETHNIC INTIMIDATION on whomever it chooses.... often based solely on race and ethnicity! Yes, the SLPC has a distinct RACIAL PROGRAM.

There are numerous far right wing nationalist political parties in Israel, none of which are criticized by the SPLC. La Raza is a Mexican nationalist/Southwest United States irredentist advocacy group, and which is defended by the SPLC despite marches where many held signs such as "Kill Every White Male Over 14." However, the SPLC attacks Forza Nuova, an Italian nationalist political party. So according to the SPLC, Israeli nationalism is GOOD, Mexican nationalism is GOOD, but Italian nationalism is BAD. The former two were originally created by colonial supremacist movements. On the other hand, "Italians didn't steal Italy." Okay, someone could argue that the Roman Empire was the same type of colonial aggressor, however not within Italy; and even if there was some internal question of that sort, or of any other intrinsic sort, it certainly would not be any of their business.

The governments of both Israel and Mexico have stated on record as both being an "Ethnostate," a nation fully dedicated to ONE RACE only! In other words, the SPLC isn't really a civil rights group, but a powerful political lobbying apparatus with a particular agenda. They author demographically-incongruent bills submitted to the U.S. Senate, and have the political and media connections to push them through. There are numerous urban organizations in this country which call for outright violence and terrorism, but whom are ignored by the SLPC. Instead they incessantly watch and collect information on that tiny (using a hypothetical example) entirely non-political Asatru group which meets in the middle of the woods of rural eastern Oregon every week.

The SPLC absolutely will not leave alone certain very small, non-political Neopagan folk groups if they happen to follow ancient spiritual traditions which are European in origin. However ALL others are perfectly okay!.... because THEY said so!! They have a particular hatred for Asatru or Odinism, an ancient Teutonic religion once widespread throughout northern Europe, and some locations in southern and eastern Europe. After years of scrutiny without much "hate," they finally branded some of these groups as "hate groups" using the idea that they're "Volkish." VOOOLKISH!! Volkish simply means folkish, or something which is inherently a part of a particular people.

African-Americans who have discovered their Yoruba traditions, Native American traditions, Sheikhs, Shintoists, etc., are all following "folkish" traditions. I guess the German equivalent "VOLKISH" must make it evil.... because the SPLC says so! It's interesting that the SPLC has apparently not put Forza Nuova, which is present in New Jersey and Arizona, on their infamous "hate map." The ethnicity of the SPLC might feel that attacking Italians may not be good for donations at the present time. Everything they do is planned and calculated.

Some years ago, the SPLC listed a terror group which they called something like the "Algerian Armed Islamic Guerilla Organization" on their hate map. They claimed that this group was present all over the country (NYC, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, etc.). Then, all of a sudden, this group just disappeared into thin air! It was no longer listed, and nothing more was mentioned. I suspect that they just made up that group to pad their listings for their prospective donors, then finally realized the danger of listing a fake terror group; a move perhaps too audacious even for them.