Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Someone finally says "No" to transnational bankers

In the same manner that there are "labor unions" which seek to unite and ignite an active consensus among workers; there are "unions of billionaires" who use this same basic formula. I say "billionaires" when in fact, three separate international banking cartels each have a net worth in the hundreds of trillions of dollars. Right from the get-go, each country is to have both a central bank.. and a foreign relations group made up of major figures from the main choke points of society: banking, corporations, media, education, advertising, intelligence, military, etc. These two entities are to be linked into the global network in the same manner as perhaps an international labor union might. 

Since they're internationalists, these are the people who have made words like "nationalism, protectionism, and isolationism" into dirty words. Once in awhile they wave a flag when they want something done in a certain area, but their focus is international. Their power is so immense that within a few days of Brexit, we now have contrived mainstream new stories about massive "vote regrets" and millennials being angry at baby boomers (UK).. using manipulated "polls" as they so often do. The simple fact is that a monkey wrench was thrown into the machine of the internationalist dream of these financial and corporate overlords. The UK and Germany was the EU. 

Some years ago when countries were signing up with the European Union, on a couple of occasions the organized facilitators were openly stating that they would just keep putting it to a vote (of politicians) until they got the result that they wanted. Now they want to do the opposite! In their minds.. it's heads they win, tails we lose... every time. These are the people who have for many years, promoted the very worst elements of monopoly Capitalism and social Marxism... as we can so painfully see today. The hard underlying truth is that someone like Obama gets elected, and the very first thing he does is bring in a team of financial advisors from Goldman Sachs.to work like termites behind the scenes for the next eight years. That's the way it works in every country that these transnationalists are allowed to inhabit.

Brexit was one of the most important news events of our lifetime, because these people must operate in a way that loosely follows some type of Democracy. Luckily the populace got a chance to vote, and the scoundrels were thrown out. This should only be the start. There's no way to even begin to describe the damage that these unelected Globalist bureaucrats have done to our world. This whole dynamic reminds me of the movie 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Next' when McMurphy finally realized that after all the complaints.. all they really had to do was walk out the door and it would all be over.. just like any abusive relationship. 

However, if there was really any justice, there would be Nuremberg-type trials set up. Bankers who have bled economies dry and funded both sides of wars as has happened so often, and corporations who have organized and armed rebels for coups in third-world countries in order to get at the resources, should be punished. If America is so left-leaning, then why can't we break the unions of these super wealthy transnationals? The British have shown up the Americans and Germans, and punched out their own metaphoric class bully. The bullies can't solve the problem, because they are the problem!


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Cooking Lentil Bolognese

Cooking Lentil Bolognese

Wholesome Day

Cooking a Lentil Bolognese from the Deliciously Ella book by Ella Woodward.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

La Grande Rogazione di Asiago

" Il Giro del Mondo " La Grande Rogazione di Asiago from Tacconi Luca on Vimeo.

"La Grande Rogazione di Asiago"

"The Great Rogation of Asiago"... apparently a tradition since 1638.

Rogation: In the Christian Church a solemn supplication consisting of the litany of the saints chanted on the three days before Ascension Day.

Asiago is an old Cimbrian town in the Vicenza Province of the Veneto Region.

The town was the site of the Battle of Asiago in 1916 vs. the Austrian army.

Until the middle of the nineteenth century many of the people of Asiago spoke Cimbrian, an ancient German dialect.

Asiago is the birthplace of author Mario Rigoni Stern, and features prominently in his stories. It is also described in Emilio Lussu's 'A Year on the Altopiano'.

The Asiago region is the origin of Asiago cheese.