Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cesare Battisti and Neo-Irredentism

Lets begin with a short biography of Cesare Battisti:

Cesare Battisti, Trentinese/Italian Patriot, was born in Trento, then part of Austria, on February 4, 1875. His early youth was spent under Austrian oppression in the atmosphere of Irredentism, and Battisti soon became one of the most active exponents of the movement, lending it new life by his courageous articles and speeches. In 1911 he was elected from Trento to the Chamber of Deputies in Vienna, where he continued his battle for the liberation of the Trentino from Austria. At the outbreak of World War I he moved to Italy, where his untiring propaganda constituted a valuable contribution to the campaign for Italian intervention. Immediately after Italy's entry into the war he joined the Italian army, but was taken prisoner by the Austrians. Court-martialed for high treason on July 12, 1915, he was hanged in Trento.

Next, definitions of “Irredenta” and “Irredentism”:

Irredenta -
a territory historically or ethnically related to one political unit but under the political control of another; Etymology: Italian; “Italia irredenta,” literally, “unredeemed Italy”; Italian-speaking territory not incorporated in Italy.

Irredentism -
a political principle or policy directed toward the incorporation of irredentas within the boundaries of their historically or ethnically related political unit.

In an incredible spectacle of injustice, Battisti was hanged in his hometown of Trento, as a “traitor to Austria!” Austria had absolutely no business whatsoever in even being IN Trentino in the first place! They had long had their boot on Lombardy and the Veneto. The Battisti-Irredentist example is applicable today, with the European Union dominating Italy, and the proposed “North American Union,” and numerous other Globalist institutions, seeking to dominate the USA, which they already do in many areas. For example, a secret NAFTA committee can override the Supreme Court, or the WTO can dictate American trade policy.

There needs to be a “Neo-Irredentist” movement worldwide to counterbalance Globalism. The advance of Globalism is amazing when we consider that NOBODY seems to want it, and yet it just grows with leaps and bounds each year. Any honest person on the left or right would at least admit that a National Free Market is much more desirable than Global Monopoly Capitalism. It’s very difficult to even run for political office if you’re not a Globalist (ex. Nader, Buchanan, Paul). Every “Nation” in the world has the right to be sovereign and free. By “Nation,” I include people like the Tibetans and the Kurds, who have no formal government.

[Left: Battisti Memorial in Trento] Battisti’s hanging is along the same lines as an Italian being arrested for breaking an “EU law,” or a British citizen being arrested in Austria because he “broke” an Austrian law when he was in Britain! Americans are not without threat. Did you know that the Canadian government frequently contacts American web service providers and demands that content on “American-based websites” be removed? In addition, they actually issue arrest warrants for American citizens for statements which they consider “illegal.” This is madness, and we stand for this?? The threat is much greater when we consider that we would be under the thumb of the Canadian government if the North American Union ever becomes reality.

Cesare Battisti is more than some “Italian patriot” who died long ago. To me, his memory is very much alive today. His sacrifice symbolizes the struggle of freedom seekers, in MANY different camps, against this growing tyranny. There is a mindset that exists all over the world, in elite circles, that does not believe that you or I have any right to free speech, privacy rights, or personal sovereignty. This doesn’t really have to do with politics as much as it does to something much greater.

For further reading, visit the Wikipedia page on Cesare Battisti, and Cesare Battisti: Italian Patriot, Hero, Martyr.