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12 Times Lionel Messi Surprised the World!


12 Times Lionel Messi Surprised the World!

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12 occasions where Lionel Messi Stunned the world of football throughout his career, winning Ballon d'Or, scoring crucial goals, impossible dribbling skills & more.



"cristiano ronaldo is great, but messi is...just...legendary." -- Alejandro Miranda

"BEST OF ALL TIME - LEO MESSI." -- Kimberly Sabillion

"When your grandchildren ask you who  is the Greatest footballer you ever seen anyone who says anyone other than Messi hasn’t been paying attention" -- Alayas Mahmood

"Sometimes I watch Messi video to make me feel happy when I'm sad" -- Sievpao Bun


Lionel Messi is originally from Rosario towards the south of Argentina; a city of well over a million inhabitants, with a large Cisalpine descended population... especially with roots in Liguria. He is of Marchese ancestry with some roots in Catalonia where he has played for many years.




Mrs. Lionel Messi Is FIRE! Meet Antonella Roccuzzo

1,119,372 views - November 26, 2016

The Fumble

You can argue that Lionel Messi is the best soccer player in the world, so it's only fitting that his bae is the hottest WAG in the game right now. We can't get enough of her, and it seems Lionel can't either, because their love story is straight out of a fairy tale. Lionel fell in love with Antonella when he was just nine years old. The soccer star had written letters to Roccuzzo, stating that she'd be his girlfriend one day.

While she had friendzoned Messi for many years, tragic circumstances brought the pair closer together, and they've been inseparable ever since. They have two children together, and appear to be living in their happily ever after.



"Messi is a lucky man. She's loyal and has been with him since the beginning. She's not one of those gold diggers" -- King Dami

"She looks sexy in pink bikini...♥️ " -- Deep Magiya

"wow MESSI just wins at life
"arguably top 5 greatest of all time in his respective sport.
"Married a childhood friend who happened to be really beautiful when she turn to an adult and his net worth is 223 million" -- Jose Carrera

"In my humble, honest opinion, she is literally one of the most gorgeous women I have seen in 36yrs." -- Kristi Stevens

"WOW!!....She is  an absolute Goddess!!.......lucky guy!" -- John C