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Ancestry DNA testing: Confusion, truths, and fantasies

Ancestry DNA testing has come around now in a time of materialism, ego, instant gratification, attention seeking, socio-political agendas, and a lack of knowledge about history, so it should be of no surprise that there have been some problem areas. The first problem is that people can't truly even read and comprehend the tests. These "ancestry groupings" are somewhat arbitrary, and mix sub-markers of both very ancient and more contemporary admixtures into single groupings. For example, lets just say that my test showed that I'm 6% from "Turkey." That would not mean that I have Turkic DNA. The land now known as Turkey was once basically of varying regions, eras, and mixtures of proto-European, Mediterranean, Greek, Roman, and a type of Celtic people. In other words, European. Only about 900 years ago was it overwhelmed by Turkic tribes and took on a Turkic, Islamic, and non-European identity. However, on the test they don't make any before-and-after distinction for that 1,100 CE racial timeline change. The subject is just left to scratch their heads and say "I guess I'm part Turkish" and apply a false mindset.

One of the common features from test results of Mexican, Puerto Rican and most other Latin American origins is that those people are virtually always at least partly Iberian. Within that Iberian DNA structure is a proto-European link with the British Isles. This pretty much is not related to the overall root stock of today, but of very ancient origin. Proto-Europeans were not Teutonic or Mediterranean, but the stock of the first Europeans; for example, the Basques or the Welsh. Still, there's the "BRITISH???" reaction from the test subjects. Just like the vast majority of people, they simply cannot process the results properly because they don't really know what they're reading. For some reason, whatever that particular conflated Iberian-British sub-marker is.... it was placed under the "British" category in the results. The Puerto Rican guy's "British" ancestors probably didn't look like Sting or David Bowie, or what we would perceive as modern day root stock British.

It probably should be noted that there's a significant difference between racially-mixed and ethnically-mixed. Someone who is Irish and Ukrainian is ethnically-mixed; someone who is Irish and Mestizo is racially-mixed. On one Ancestry By DNA commercial, a Mexican woman said she just thought she was "Hispanic," whatever that meant to her. After taking the test she was so overwhelmed that she said "I'm everything!" She probably misinterpreted most of it. For example, the Iberian component might seem to reflect an exotic mix when that may not necessarily be the whole truth. For example her possible ancient Briton, Phoenician or Greek admixture would not be the same as her Mayan or Congolese admixture. She was basically Mestiza with perhaps 7% West African admixture; it's not really that complicated. In other words, certainly in today's world, there are a lot of DNA markers which reflect a similar ethnic origin or type anyway.

Since the ancient Etruscans were known to have migrated from the region now known as Anatolia in Turkey, this presents another problem in test results. Those people who later became known as the Etruscans were obviously an intelligent, creative, and successful people; these "Anatolian" Mediterraneans may have branched out in other directions. Therefore there could be people in say the near east who could take a test and it would show the "Italy/Greece" or "Italian" trace marker. It's possible that it could be from some ancient Roman colonizers, but I have no doubt that sometimes it could be the conflation of modern Tuscan DNA with "ancient Anatolian." In other words, that person's ancestors never stepped foot on the Italian peninsula, but they have that particular DNA maker from people whose progeny came to be the Tuscans at a later point in history!

There's usually a reason for everything. For example, a Puerto Rican could discover that they're part "Italian," and not just a trace amount from "Roman Spain." For some reason, long ago there were some immigrants from Corsica, Sardinia, and Ireland into Puerto Rico... but they did not remain a separate people, but merged with the local population mix. It probably should be noted that most of "Italy and Greece" are closely DNA linked, but not "Italy and Spain" despite the closer comparative linguistic link with Spain. DNA tests aren't always consistent. Sometimes siblings get different results. Sometimes smaller admixtures don't show up, or sometimes they're blown up on a test. In other words if someone was of a 3% admixture, the result might show it to be 10%. One test result in regards to an admixture stated "Your ethnicity estimate is 4%, but it can range from 0-20%." Doesn't sound very reliable, unless you took at least three tests and averaged them. There have been Nigerians who have taken the test, people whose families have always been Nigerians as far as they know. To their surprise they discover that they're only 30% Nigerian, with the rest being other regionally conflated DNA groupings that they don't even understand.

One of the absolute absurdities finally put to rest is Quentin Tarantino's "black Sicilian" myth from the film 'True Romance' from 1993... prior to the availability of these tests. Even though that had nothing much to do with our people, it was still a false narrative. Also, if you may recall, our people were mentioned in the script for that scene; something absurd like Sicilians were once all blonde haired and blue eyed just like in the north, then they were overrun by blacks. People actually believed that or wanted to believe it, especially if they didn't like Sicilians or Italians. As if there were never any Proto-Europeans or Mediterraneans, or even various darker skinned peoples to the south or east. Not that I think anyone really cares about that scene, but no part of it was generally true. I guess Tarantino assumed that Spanish or Arabs were already perceived to be mixed, but the scene could work within the context of white Sicilian criminals. For the record, I don't have any problem with Sicily or Sicilians; I just want a homeland specifically for our people--and only our people--just like the Jews and Japanese have. That's it.

One of the more interesting test results I've seen was one from a Coptic Egyptian woman. She truly was heavily of ancient Egyptian origin, probably without any significant change. She only had 0.7% European and 0.1% Sub-Saharan African. The Coptic Christians go straight back to ancient Egypt. It should be noted that there actually is a "North African" DNA category; totally separate from Sub-Saharan African. In other words, that particular DNA marker is not Sub-Saharan, but comes from the ancient migration of people from west Asia who after a long period of time developed genetic uniqueness. However, that's only in regards to that particular innate DNA category, not for the modern population of North Africa which is very mixed racially. Another important fact is that the DNA of specifically the Persian people (not the little dark Afghani types) clusters very closely with Europeans despite a long separation of time. Ancient Persians were the Aryans; there's no ifs, ans, or buts about it. They were of an ancient local Mediterranean and ancient north-Eurasian Teutonic mix. Admixtures to Persia/Iran have been relatively minor since that time.

The only truly strange admixture I ever saw was one Algerian woman who had a trace marker of Australian Aborigine. There are legends about the Phoenicians having traveled as far as Australia, but nobody really believed them. Well, maybe that's the proof that those legends are true.


Sunday, July 26, 2020

Anti-Italianism Returns Through The Back Door: Modern Anglo Self-Hatred.... And Us


"There are moments in Life when keeping silent becomes a fault, and speaking an obligation. A civic duty, a moral challenge, a categorical imperative from which we cannot escape." -- Oriana Fallaci

When I was a little boy, I remember I was with my family driving down Market Street in San Francisco one day. When we came to a stop, I looked at an Anglo man who looked to be about 30, with a neon green mohawk, large ear rings, tongue ring, many tattoos, outlandish dress, etc. If one were to ignore all of his accessories, and focus solely on his face, it was very pale, dull, and soulless. He noticed me and looked back into my eyes. His dead face then tilted to one side as my father drove on.

For those of us who remember it, the 60's invasion of San Francisco by young radical Anglo Leftists, and how it related to our culture here, it is one of the great untold stories in American history. San Francisco was a tough, largely white, Catholic, hard working, blue collar, pro-labor, Conservative-Democrat city. By "white," I mean if you were to take a map of Europe and draw a straight line from the southwest corner  to the northeast corner, there were a lot more people who originally came from the lower right half than the upper left half. At the start of the 1960s, probably three-quarters of the city was either "lower right halves" or Irish. Of course, when I say "for those who remember it," I'm saying those who remember the impact of the socio-ethnic invasion as it unfolded in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. By the 90s, they had reduced us to barely a memory. I've always thought that Anglos and Italians were among the strangest combinations of people. One with fierce ethnic pride, the other with virtually zero ethnic pride.

Anglos, as unimpressive as they may seem at times, are very capable people. The Nazis only lasted a dozen years, the British Empire lasted a thousand years.. and to this very day if one considers the commonwealth of nations, along with their UN bloc of votes. Had the Anglos possessed the missing component of ethnic pride, they would have taken over the entire planet. True Mediterranean people are warm organic people with a strong sense of humor, while true Teutonic people are colder, less of a sense of humor, and are not as organic, along with a disturbing unstable "hive-mind" mentality. Those who do not fit this behavioral stereotype are most often those who have been altered over time, merged with other peoples; for example Gaelic or Alpine people who are often much more gregarious. However in general, they take over a region by overt force, then feel bad about it later.... or at least pretend to.

Of course, I'm generalizing, as some Mediterraneans are not True Mediterraneans, and some northern Europeans are not Teutonic. However, the truth within this generalization is a deadly spearhead which is now aimed directly at us. Awhile back I took my mother to an ear specialist, actually it was a department of one of the larger health care institutions. We met with a specialist who was an Anglo woman with much about her general appearance and demeanor which put a dramatic exclamation point on that. To make a long boring story short, she absolutely refused to speak to me at any point or for any reason. The second time I saw her there, to avoid confrontation in front of my mother, I thought that perhaps this woman had merely had a bad day. I attempted to be more affable towards her this time. Well, she went about doing tje exact same thing. The third time we visited there, I was able to deal with the situation bluntly. I actually knew exactly where she was going with it on the very first visit, within minutes.

A bully usually wants something. In school, they might want your lunch money. They back you into a corner, but they usually allow you a way out IF you give them what they want. In the work place, they may want you to resign or be fired for example. However, a bully who does not allow you a way out, especially one who covertly keeps you backed up in the corner, is far worse than if they just called you out overtly! Our enemy simply cannot admit that they hate us, our "patriarchal culture" (although they hate the matriarchal aspect of it as well), our religion, and our archaic ways. As we know now, the forceful arm of this new Anglo-Supremacist politic is what is at least perceived openly as "Liberalism." It's impossible to avoid now. They've based this new ideology on "racism and white guilt." Collectively, they embrace monopoly capitalism and high finance with as much vigor as when they take to the streets to burn and loot small businesses or tear down statues. They're so juiced in that they seemingly can't effectively be stopped. They're the white shoes on the marble floors of Wall Street just as much as they are the black hooded Antifa figures on the burning streets. The devious wink between globalist banker and "anti-fascist" street anarchist.

Day after day after day, their activities strike closer and closer to home: 'City of Seattle held segregated training session for white staff aimed at ‘undoing their whiteness’ There's no bowing out've this, as far as their concerned, if you're not with BLM openly, then you oppose it with your silence as the many thousands of streets signs have made it pretty clear by now. There's no pointing out that every country in North and South America, except Canada as far as slavery, stole land from the Natives and enslaved West Africans over 150 years ago. There's no pointing out that the United States only enslaved 5% of the total. There's no trying to reason that all of this occurred long before many whites even came to this country, and their people had nothing to do with what went on tens of thousands of miles away on another continent. They made all of this crystal clear when they chanted that a young Afghan immigrant girl was a "NAZI" for opposing radical Islam during one protest.

Yes, the very grandchildren of those who engaged in Anti-Italianism, Anti-Slavism, and Anti-Catholicism are now coming at us by the back door! They attacked our heritage before, and now their at it again! Unless your head has been in the sand, this thing is massive. If you've ever taken a look at the large and hysterical demonstrations against Columbus held yearly in Denver by both Anglos and Hispanics, how much they hate America, that it was "never great," or how much they hate Western Civilization, the patriarchy, and so forth, and with the equally large and fervent BLM movement, along with the new wave of Native American demonstrations, "America was never great," something seems to exist deep within all of this... and I'll spell it out now. For a moment, lets refer to the descendants of all those people who lived in North America in 1892, which would have been 400 years after Columbus' landing in the Bahamas, as "Old Stock North Americans." Just for a moment, lets just forget all about their interactive BS for all that time. Lets just think of them as ONE coalition. They pathologically fetishize each other so much anyway! They always did. If we can do that, then we can actually see this thing for what it really is from OUR perspective! Those from all three tribes who've bought into this thing, all seem to want the exact same thing: OUR DEMISE. If nothing else, they're sinking the ship and we're on it too! Why should we have to suffer today for all of their ancestors follies?

Of course, I'm generalizing here, as we know that there are many people--often Catholics--whom we have been close to: Slavs, Southern Italians, Irish, Anglo Catholics, German Catholics, Greeks, Polish Catholics, French-Canadian Catholics, White Catholic Cubans, Lebanese Catholics, whom we have no problem with at all. We've intermarried with them, you know the story. However to deny the stark reality of what's going on today, the bigger picture, would be of the utmost ignorance. This movement is being financed by those whose names remain hidden from public scrutiny. George Floyd was just the catalyst that they were waiting patiently for; he was just some guy who once committed a home invasion and held a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach. If it wasn't him, it would have been someone else.

Why are they hiding this VIOLENT ATTACK from you?

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Apparently, the worst part of it was not on video. I couldn't find out much about it. If I found the correct person, she has a Polish name, although that's neither here nor there. It took an Arabic guy to put this video up and show any sympathy for her. This type of thing is happening more and more. I saw one a couple of weeks ago where a group of West African men were kicking and punching a young man in Ireland and chanting about "revenge for slavery." What slavery are they talking about? He's Irish! They were African immigrants who were never slaves! It doesn't matter if you came from a tiny Latvian village, they figure you owe them something, and the larger movement as a whole is aimed to collect. The Global Elite who are string-pulling all of this want to redistribute the wealth between the working class and the non-working class. Do you really think that you're so special that if that was your daughter waiting at the train stop that they were have left her alone?

"Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you."
-- Pericles


"In tears here what the hell is going on, that poor poor girl I 🙏🙏 for this to stop, may not have wanted to see it but I thankyou for posting it" -- Dawn Mainstone


Thursday, July 23, 2020

Symbol banning - "Ordo Ad Chao"

Along with the Capito-Marxist faction more-or-less banning our country, one of the many side effects of that is the the largely inconsistent banning of symbols of all types. The latest victim is, believe or not, the Star of David by Twitter. This particular ban will not last long, but it does reflect the fervor of these minions. The simple truth is that virtually every symbol could be linked to some type of oppression over the course of 6,000 years of human history. Why don't they just ban the American flag? How many things occurred under the Confederate flag that didn't occur under the American flag? Not many. How about the Union Jack, or the flags of Spain, Portugal, Holland, or France since those were all colonial flags and condoned slavery at some point? How about the Mexican flag? The institution of racially-based slavery was condoned under the flag of Mexico. Why not the symbols of Communism, under which over 200 million people were slain during the last century? Also, all of the same types of oppression--including widespread castration of male slaves--occurred under Islamic states for many centuries.

The symbol above is the real flag of the Kingdom of the Lombards or Langbard. I prefer to use the term Langobard as to avoid confusion with the historical region of Lombardia, although there is much crossover between the two. Within the black eagle is the red odal rune or the othala. It means "homeland, homestead, or clan possession." It's a unique symbol in regards to Cisalpine history since it came from old Italian/Alpine script, then later became very popular in much of northern Europe before being brought back into the Cisalpine region by the Langobards. According to the ADL and the SPLC, the othala is a hate symbol. The ethnicity of the ADL/SPLC is getting a little taste of their own medicine by Twitter, although I don't expect this ban to last very long. They may even condone it for a short while within the ancient strategies of "worse is better" and "order out of chaos."

The meaning of both the Star of David and the swastika were entirely different before they were adopted for political, national, religious or ideological purposes. The Star of David is actually a Saturnian hexagram from clear back into the ancient world of the Sumerians, Babylonians, and Phoenicians. The swastika was a solar symbol used in some form all around the world during ancient times. The Twitter banning of the Star of David is part of a smaller trend in which formerly unlikely "suspects"--according to the minions--become targets. This would include statues of Mahatma Gandhi and southwestern Spanish conquistadors. The one strong exception is anything Islamic, despite the obvious hypocrisy. In Canada, one young immigrant Afghan woman was branded as a "NAZI" by a chanting Antifa mob because she was opposed to radical Islam's treatment of women. No thought process goes into anything by them; they merely follow what the current party line is... set forth to them by the very wealthy string-pullers.