Wednesday, September 25, 2013

'Libira Me' - Roman Catholic chant

Deliver me, O Lord, from death eternal on that fearful day,

When the heavens and the earth shall be moved,

When thou shalt come to judge the world by fire.

I am made to tremble, and I fear, till the judgment be upon us, and the coming wrath,

When the heavens and the earth shall be moved.

That day, day of wrath, calamity, and misery, day of great and exceeding bitterness,

When thou shalt come to judge the world by fire.

Rest eternal grant unto them, O Lord: and let light perpetual shine upon them.

Libira Me (Wikipedia)

LĂ­bera me ("Deliver me") is a Roman Catholic responsory that is sung in the Office of the Dead and at the absolution of the dead, a service of prayers for the dead said beside the coffin immediately after the Requiem Mass and before burial. The text of Libera Me asks God to have mercy upon the deceased person at the Last Judgment.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

FIAT 500L "Italian invasion" commercial

This is one of the recent FIAT commercials. FIAT has emerged as a major player in the automobile industry worldwide. The northern Cisalpine industrial centers have been at the cutting edge of this industry from the very beginning. I feel a slight urge to write something a little sarcastic, but I don't want to get in the way of everyone's fun!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Frangelico Liqueur

From the label:

According to legend Frangelico lived three centuries ago in a hilly area bounded by the right bank of the river Po, and the ridge of mountains dividing Piedmont from Liguria.

Although we are not sure of his real name, we do know that the local farming population used to call him Frangelico because, he lived as a hermit and he greatly loved nature.

Through his love of nature and deep knowledge of its secrets he was able to create many original recipes for liqueurs and drinks.

The most precious of them was a liqueur made from the wild hazel-nuts growing in the woods, exquisitely blended with infusions of other berries and flowers to enrich the flavour.

We carry on the tradition of preparing the ancient liqueur and in doing so we want to keep alive the name of the man who created it for the first time.