Monday, June 19, 2017

Saturnia Rising from the Sea - 'Documentary Italy's Mystery Mountains 2014' (Alps, Dolomites, Apennines)

Documentary Italy's Mystery Mountains 2014

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Italy's Mystery Mountains explores the fascinating geologic story of Italy, the land known for its fabulous art, fantastic food, opera, the dolce vita, and so much more. What's less known about Italy is the diversity and turbulence of the geology behind all of this abundance: the continuously erupting volcanoes, the violent earthquakes, the clash of mighty tectonic plates, and the rising of the mountains from which Michelangelo sourced his famous marbles.

Italy's Mystery Mountains ties the country's rich artistic culture to its turbulent geologic story, following two international teams of geologists determined to resolve a hotly debated issue: are the Apennines still alive and growing in the north? With the answer to this question the fascinating story of the Italian peninsula will fall into place and geologists may better understand where future earthquakes might strike this highly unstable land.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Socio-Enonomic Tsunami: The chain reaction to Silicon Valley will fan out 100 miles in every direction

Million Dollar Shack: Trapped in Silicon Valley's Housing Bubble

Michelle Joyce

Our family has been priced out! Has the Bay Area gone crazy? Real estate prices have doubled in the last few years, a tent in the backyard can rent for $900/month, foreign investors are driving up prices, evictions and rent hikes are everywhere, people are commuting longer than ever, the middle class is disappearing, empty investment homes are everywhere, and locals are leaving in record numbers. The worst part? Some people are calling it "progress".



Ruthless capitalists in sandals; new social despots, pretending to worship Gaia

The Silicon Valley elite may call themselves "Democrats," and they may even provide for a transgender-friendly workplace and think it's cute to have a copy of the Humanist Manifesto on the table. In reality, they're the enablers of perhaps the most ruthless brand of cut-throat capitalism... maybe ever. When they support constructing small housing units for the poor and lower middle class, all they're doing is investing in a handful of people who will perform the duties of the low-wage servant class. Being a "Silicon Valley Democrat" is like a veterinarian reasssuring an animal before putting it to sleep. The sort've people who suddenly quit the anti-war movement for eight years. Even oppressive colonial powers or robber barons of the past usually didn't actually purge the native population as is happening in Silicon Valley. Also, unlike group-interest takeovers of the past, these people didn't even bring the technology with them! It's more like joining a big raid.... economic jihadists!

Some of the people who left comments on this video were very critical of Ken, the very successful real estate agent, and his openness about the need to get the local population out've the way. I have a begrudging respect for Ken, who was at least honest about his position, as opposed to so many feigning ignorance. Thank you Ken. Ken is a metaphorical "savage," engaging in a type of modern evolutionary struggle. I still disagree that just because someone has one marketable skill set, that it doesn't necessarily or automatically mean that they have a high IQ. I know that, despite fifty years of work by zero-grown activists, the South Bay will morph into a new Los Angeles before our very eyes in the coming years. Real estate developers, working hand-in-glove with a swarm of incoming contractors, are just salivating over the beautiful and tranquil Santa Cruz Mountains; and by hook-or-crook, they're going to get it. They won't even need to import the wood! If you have the necessary funds to invest, starting a lumber company in Silicon Valley would probably be a good idea right now. Then you'll be ready ahead of time to strike when the iron is hot.

I still don't get it. I thought the move in modern technology had been shifting to small and pragmatic? Why do all of these IT corporations need to be in one place anyway? Especially since we can so cheaply, easily, and instantaneously communicate via any corner of the globe at any time. Wouldn't it have made more sense to, for example, simply build or build up perhaps a dozen new American cities all over the country in largely rural areas? These corporations are planning to construct massive mile long domed buildings, to hold upwards of 100,000 workers, to dot the landscape with. Of course, they will place a few modern art masterpieces with some grass and a tree outside... pretending to serve Gaia. Personally, I would rather that we save our collective arrogance for the travel and colonization of space. Perhaps colonize Alpha Centauri, where a domed city might make sense... as opposed to scaring the sacred gift of our earth's landscape with giant hideous buildings (not referring to city skylines which have their own place and scale). The Silicon Valley top brass will bring most of the many highly-paid IT workers to heel soon enough... then perhaps these newly descended workers can tell everyone more about "progress"... or maybe they will just go back home. What about our home?