Monday, June 11, 2007

New Definition of "Padania?"

Recently, probably due to changing politics in Italy, Lega Nord has redefined what is "Padania," or at least has gone in that direction. Under this new definition is often the disclusion of Tuscany! That would mean that even Lucca may not be included as part of Padania. Well, we will not recognize this at all. As far as we are concerned, Rome sits at the southern end of Padania. Lets say "Trento to Rome," to make it simple.

Surprisingly, there are relatively few Americans of Roman descent. "Roman" with a provincial definition that is. A very large number of Americans are of Neapolitan descent though. Perhaps as many as half of the Americans of Northern Italian descent are from western coastal urban areas, like Genoa and Lucca. Not just in California either. There is a sizable Lucchesi-descended population in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for example. Also, there were Genoese who migrated to New Orleans long ago.

Very well represented in San Francisco were immigrants from the "Italian Riviera Circle," to coin a phrase. Of course, many from Genoa and the surrounding area, Lucca in northern Tuscany, Portofino, San Remo, and all along the coastline of Liguria and northen Tuscany. Also, I have run into people whose families were from Monte Carlo (Monaco), Nice (France), and Corsica. It's very interesting that even over international borders, people voluntarily fall into a similar cultural category. When I say Nice, I mean REAL "Nizzardi" native to the rightful "Italian Nizza." Also, when I say Monte Carlo, I mean REAL "Montecarlesi" (?).

In closing, we will not recognize any changes in Lega Nord policy in this area. We tend to recognize the old "Kingdom of the Two Sicilies" as a "Nation." This would include Abruzzo to Sicily. We recognize the old historical "Roman State" and everything north of it as "Padania." This would include Ticino, Nizza, and Monaco, and Savoia. We do not recognize any "central Italy" or "modern Etruria." To us, a Roman, a REAL Roman-descended person, is as good a Padanian as a Venetian.