Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fibonacci: Sacred Geometry in Nature

The above video is part of a short movie from Spain inspired by Fibonacci, numbers, geometry, and nature. As remarkable as it it today to witness science decoding of the codes of nature, Leonardo Fibonacci accomplished a significant part of this in the early 1200's. So significant is the "Fibonacci sequence" that it is just as relevant today. Using the scientific method of the Fibonacci number sequence, American Dr. Stephen Marquardt was able to tie these mathmatics to the beauty ratio of the human face. Sometimes the image of the core of the shell of a snail or of marine life is used as a symbol of the "Fibonacci number." This number code exists deep in nature.


Fibonacci (Wikipedia)

Leonardo Pisano Bigollo (c. 1170 – c. 1250) – known as Fibonacci, and also Leonardo of Pisa, Leonardo Pisano, Leonardo Bonacci, Leonardo Fibonacci – was an Italian mathematician, considered by some "the most talented western mathematician of the Middle Ages."

Fibonacci is best known to the modern world for the spreading of the Hindu–Arabic numeral system in Europe, primarily through his composition in 1202 of Liber Abaci (Book of Calculation), and for a number sequence named the Fibonacci numbers after him, which he did not discover but used as an example in the Liber Abaci.


"All life is biology. All biology is physiology. All physiology is chemistry. All chemistry is physics. All physics is math."
--Dr. Stephen Marquardt