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100 Years of Immigration to The U.S., 1919 to 2019 (video graph)

100 Years of Immigration to The U.S., 1919 to 2019

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Foreign-born population in the United States, 1919-2019

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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Toxicity of Social Media

Toxicity of Social Media Richard Grannon x Sam Vaknin Documentary

55,533 views - Premiered Dec 22, 2019

Richard Grannon

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2 weeks ago

00:00 Intro
1:18 People Are Documenting Their Existence
2:28 Why Spending Time Online Causes Serious Problems With Ongoing Identity Maintenance
6:50 What Excess Social Media Usage Instead Of Real-life Interaction Leads To
12:42 Does Social Media Allow You To Be In The Moment?
16:39 The Identity Crisis Might Have Started Before Social Media
18:32 Now Is The Age Of Social Darwinism
22:31 When Things Are Bad, Somebody Must Be Targeted
24:53 Why Has There Been An Explosion In The Awareness Of Narcissistic Personality Disorder?
30:33 Human Contact Is Crucial To Maintaining One’s Sense Of Identity
34:57 Ways Of Making Social Media Less Damaging Part 1
39:37 Ways Of Making Social Media Less Damaging Part 2
42:16 Social Media Is Run By People Who Are Stuck In The Teenage State
44:35 Why Social Media Should Charge A Fee
48:29 Being Famous For Being Famous
53:18 We Need A Hard Reset


"Deleted facebook a year ago...I cannot express how differently I view myself and my life.  Much more in tune with my emotions and my body." -- gaming_girl


"I can't stand watching the news anymore it makes my depression horrible.  I also got rid of my FB page a year ago.  It was the best decision I ever made!" -- Rachelstorrersings

"But if I didn't watch YouTube 12 hours a day I would have never found this video and learned that I shouldn't watch YouTube 12 hours a day guys. Ha!" -- Rollercoaster Olski

"When I originally got on FB years ago, it was fun and promising, people were generally positive and pro-social. I figured it was a social tool, so that if you made a friend online it was supposed to naturally grow into a real life friendship. It wasn't supposed to be a video game where you lived in and never left.   Wow, was I ever wrong.  Over time, there seemed to be nothing but outrage and narcissism. Most people who stayed on the platform seemed to be happy to live virtually and never leave.  I've tried to sound the alarm multiple times, but nobody, at least nobody left on those platforms, seemed to care. It seems to select for extreme personalities or it creates them." -- Vi

"In short, Social Media is a weapon that shoots the finest of bullets, that kill your soul." -- Martin Jasiak

"I deleted facebook about 5 years ago. Best thing I ever did. I'd highly recommend it ." -- krainey

"This addiction and weird social retardation began as soon as the first television was sold." -- Bonnie

"I can’t wrap my head around how on point this discussion was on the ramifications of social media. The path of real human interaction that social media has destroyed." -- Carlos Oscar Comedy

"I watched it all unfold. I was in college as social media got huge and smart phones came into play. Year by year people got less and less social. More isolated. I remember walking through the hall one day, tons of people changing classes...... i was freaked out. No one was talking AT ALL,everyone was looking at their phone or had earphones in.  All you could hear was footsteps and the rustling of bags and clothes.  I recall thinking “wtf is going on?!” " -- Nick

"Spot on! So refreshing ! I have never owned a TV, EVER... I raised my son without one. He was reading at 5 and his greatest passion it Writing." -- PAULA JANE ALEXANDER

"10 years on Facebook. I've had my awakening. no longer interested. Ready to really live my life." -- choco pieces

"I shared this video on social media." -- George Ockham

"We should all start calling it anti-social media, because that's the effect it actually has." -- rick landers

"I make a point of NOT going on my phone to surf in public, and I am amazed that I can't even start a conversation with anyone because they all are on their phones." -- Amethyst Rose


"Remember a child saying "look at me mummy, look at me daddy" when the child needs validation. Adults who cannot self validate (feel whole and complete in their own skin) now use social media to post requests for validation via pics, messages and images of themselves online looking for likes and followers. It's a form of unhealthy social vanity, here's Me doing this, here's Me doing that, look at me mummy look at me daddy !!!! 

People are becoming more narcissistic with the advent of social media, it gives the person unable to self esteem a platform to suck validation from others in the guise of Facebook and IG, this has become addictive and validation is addictive to someone who is traumatised and has no healthy boundaries or understanding of how empty superficial validation is. 

The social media platform culture has also spilled into the world of online dating. I cringe at most profiles I read with online dating apps, the standard female profile now is a shameless self promotion list, highlighting how wonderful the woman thinks her attributes are and no where do I ever read any profile where the woman highlights any flaw or weakness, humility is completely absent - sound familiar ? 

It's the profile of a Narcissist, yes women are now far more narcissistic in my view than ever, and social media pics are now linked to the dating App on Bumble and Tinder, so the person is so preoccupied with how they look that they actually believe this is way to meet a good guy. Woman don't send any messages to men anymore on dating Apps, they see this as below them, sound familiar ? (Narcissistic entitlement).  

So we now have a whole generation of entitled, self obsessed, serial selfie pic loaders, male and female who have no interpersonal skills and feel that they need Validation from every one else, is it a surprise we are in the shit we are? Men and Women so apposed and isolated from each other because its too easy to go online and feed the ego. I fear for our future!" -- Simon Thompson


" "You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad."   This line from the Matrix always felt so relevant to me someone, and this video feels a little bit like taking the pill for the first time, and having your eyes opened . " -- MDOY79

"I love that expression that people want to document their lives to prove that they do exist! That’s powerful and makes sense in a way I’ve never thought of it before. This is so good, I love the points Sam did, I hope you make more videos with him." -- Dahlia Dezay


"Well, I guess my real story is that I made it through a lot of life before "social" media ever showed up. By that time, I pretty much had it down, how to be social in the real world. I've never really had a problem separating the real from the virtual. One thing I've noticed though, especially in the past 10 years or so - is the addiction. I believe that is what it is. Addiction. I own a flip phone. It exists for the purpose of mobile phone calls.

My landline is what people ring up to talk to me at home. I use a desktop computer at work, and one at home. And all of the things I do with those devices remains rooted to a desk. Which means that when I'm out in the real world, I am fully engaged with that world, its sights, sounds, smells, sensations, all of it. There are no distractions. This leads to focus. Focus is something that convinces you that you control your own life. What that means is that you're not played, coerced, cajoled, blown around like a leaf in the breeze.

Whenever I'm in a situation where I have to wait upon someone or for something (when all the smart phones spring into action) I pull out a book. A good book. It fascinates me at times, watching all that addiction going on around me. I guess I could say I'm addicted to books. But they don't clamor for my attention when I'm busy doing something else. I do not twitter or tweet. I rarely ever write anything that is reduced to 140 characters or less. I do not text. I do not purposely avoid the sound of a human voice, exchanging that for the prison of words on a screen. Sound....is such a powerful thing.

I will not surrender my eight fingers in order to employ two thumbs to write. I type. And I do it well, for I am a writer. Thing is, dividing up your time and prioritizing what deserves your attention at any given moment, makes you feel that you are running your life. Any device at all, is a tool. And you are the master of that tool. Flip that the other way around, and the tool becomes the master. And to me, that is just a crazy existence.

Perhaps I could summarize it this way. When I'm lost in a moment, or a series of moments that may turn into hours - it does not matter what "media" I am not tuned into. It does not matter what I'm missing. It does not matter who may or may not be attempting to contact me (other than in the obvious and most typical way - a phone call.) It does not matter who "likes" or dislikes anything I express, say, write, think, or feel. By the way, the number of phone calls over a typical period of time becomes reduced with each passing year - betraying the power of textual compulsion. Have we begun to become allergic to the sound of voices?

My social experience of the world is a sum total of two different components. My family, relatives, inner circle, close friends, a few not so close friends, a small smattering of colleagues, associates, and acquaintances. As well as any person, a perfect stranger, I may happen to meet or encounter in some way out in the real world. That is my social existence. Everything else is fiction.

I have never been compelled to be modern, up to date, or with it. I derive far too much fun and enjoyment from the pursuits of culture, literature, music, film, and all the issues of the day, usually perused from good books by great authors, followed by tracking down those same authors and other intelligent people who discuss these things online. In this way am I not played by commercial media.

I know all of this adds up to a big bully for me. Fine. But the fact that millions of children out there will never stand a chance to escape being bowled over by the behemoth we have unleashed on society does not distract from one huge and important factor in their young lives. And that is the fact that for many of them, their elders and betters are no wiser when it comes to this issue. And that is a damned shame."

-- Sir Laughs a Lot


"This is a time that human beings must to overcome polarization and dualities. Who is locked up in the ego will be trapped. Everyone must migrate to soul level awareness." -- rosely covali