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'Notre Dame To Cover Up Christopher Columbus Murals'

'Notre Dame To Cover Up Christopher Columbus Murals'

For Native Americans, the explorer’s impact was “nothing short of a catastrophe,” said John Jenkins, the university’s president.

Hayley Miller - Huffington Post - January 22, 2019

The University of Notre Dame will cover up a series of murals depicting Christopher Columbus amid backlash over the paintings’ stereotypical and inaccurate portrayal of Native Americans and their relationship with white European explorers, the school announced.

The 12 murals, painted by Luigi Gregori in the 1880s, adorn the entrance of the university’s Main Building, a busy throughway that houses administration offices and some classrooms, in South Bend, Indiana.

At the time of their creation, the paintings were intended to empower Catholic immigrants in America, but their message whitewashes the catastrophic impact European explorers had on native peoples, Notre Dame President John Jenkins wrote in a letter to members of the school’s community on Saturday.



Impact of the Spanish Empire still ignored

Christopher Columbus? Who was he? He was an agent of the Spanish Empire. His bosses were King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. If someone is killed or injured by a defective automobile design, do they sue some foreman overseeing the assembly line?..... or do they sue the owners of the company? This remains the fifty ton pink elephant in the living room that is never spoken about regarding this "issue" by the managed mainstream news. These "issues" are virtually always decided upon by people in high places and/or of great wealth who have organized and financed this Neo-Liberal agenda. Neo-Liberalism has little to do with what was once "the left," as they have embraced some of the most shocking far right wing financial, economic, and military movements for an entire generation now.

In another great irony, from the standpoint of the University of Notre Dame, Columbus was also concurrently a proxy representative of the Vatican. So using their own logic, maybe they should cover up all religious symbols? Why not cover up any Roman symbols or architecture since the Roman Empire invaded and dominated many people? How about just cover up the American flag? The Catholic imperial nations---Spain, Portugal, and France---were in league with the Catholic Church as they invaded the New World and massively partook in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. What ever happened to the saying "don't throw stones if you live in a glass house"..??

Queen Isabella was no mere figurehead following the lead of the King. She was directly involved in the Spanish Inquisition; you know... "kicking the Muslims and Jews out've Spain." Lets face it, Notre Dame is a representative of the Catholic Church in America, therefore---using their own logic---are culpable for, for example, the rarely-discussed bloody genocide in Croatia in the middle of the last century where tens of thousands of people were outright murdered because "they happened to not be Catholic." Why can't all of us just sit down and take total inventory of all movements of genocidal and forced servitude in human history?; because there wouldn't be enough bags to cover everyone's heads... with the exception of the Tibetans I suppose.

Name virtually any race, ethnicity, religion or culture.. and I'll show you something in their history that is totally indefensible.... even ones who may be labeled as victims by this agenda. Notre Dame wants to erase history, but is stone silent about two thousand years of Catholic imperial aggression. This isn't my issue... they're the ones who've now entered the arena of historical blame, guilt, and punishment! The Bible says that homosexuality is---to say the least---very bad. Okay, using their own logic, maybe it's time to ban the Bible from the Notre Dame campus? It's clearly a homophobic book and obviously must offend many of the students, right?? There certainly must be more homosexuals among the student body than there are Native Americans. Why not cover up the Virgin Mary... as it may offend the Muslim students. The great old American double-standard is alive and well.

P.S. - I have some very serious doubts that Notre Dame President John Jenkins sympathizes with the Catholic immigrants of that time period. I guess him being a Catholic official, gives him the right to discriminate against Irish, Italian, and Slavic Catholics.

What did the guy who lost his job say? He said "I didn't really lose my job. Some other guy has it now."

Notre Dame to cover up murals of Columbus in New World



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Luigi Galvani - "the pioneer of bioelectromagnetics" - Romagnol ancestry

Luigi Galvani



Luigi Galvani

Luigi Aloisio Galvani:: [9 September 1737 – 4 December 1798) was an Italian physician, physicist, biologist and philosopher, who discovered animal electricity. He is recognized as the pioneer of bioelectromagnetics. In 1780, he discovered that the muscles of dead frogs' legs twitched when struck by an electrical spark. This was one of the first forays into the study of bioelectricity, a field that still studies the electrical patterns and signals from tissues such as the nerves and muscles.

Galvani's wife Lucia Galeazzi Galvani encouraged his independent research, and served as a counselor and guide for his experiments until her death. Due to the conventions of the time she wasn't credited for any scientific work she may have done in the lab. She grew up with science and her father was a prominent member of the Bologna Academy of Science.

Piazza del Popolo in Cesena, Romagna

Galvani vs. Volta

[Luigi Galvani vs. Alessandro Volta]

[Similar to the dueling wizards "Tesla vs. Edison"]

Volta, a professor of experimental physics in the University of Pavia, was among the first scientists who repeated and checked Galvani’s experiments. At first, he embraced animal electricity. However, he started to doubt that the conductions were caused by a specific electricity intrinsic to animal's legs or other body parts. Volta believed that the contractions depended on the metal cable Galvani used to connect the nerves and muscles in his experiments.

Volta's investigations led shortly to the invention of an early battery. Galvani believed that the animal electricity came from the muscle in its pelvis. Volta, in opposition, reasoned that the animal electricity was a physical phenomenon caused by rubbing frog skin and not a metallic electricity.

Every cell has a cell potential; biological electricity has the same chemical underpinnings as the current between electrochemical cells, and thus can be duplicated outside the body. Volta's intuition was correct. Volta, essentially, objected to Galvani’s conclusions about "animal electric fluid", but the two scientists disagreed respectfully and Volta coined the term "Galvanism" for a direct current of electricity produced by chemical action. Thus, owing to an argument between the two in regard to the source or cause of the electricity, Volta built the first battery in order to specifically disprove his associate's theory. Volta's “pile” became known therefore as a voltaic pile.

After the controversy with Volta, Galvani kept a low profile partly because of his attitude towards the controversy, and partly because his health and spirits had declined, especially after the death of his wife, Lucia, in 1790.

Since Galvani was reluctant to intervene in the controversy with Volta, he trusted his nephew, Giovanni Aldini, to act as the main defender of the theory of animal electricity.

Galvani vs. Volta [36:35 to 53:41]