Friday, May 29, 2009

Berlusconi: Turin-Lyon High Speed Train Will Be Built

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(AGI) - Rome, 23 Feb. – The line Turin- Lyon will be built, said Premier Silvio Berlusconi in an interview to French daily Le Figaro on the eve of the Italy-France summit in Rome. ''A few weeks ago my government confirmed commissioner Mario Virano as president of the technical Observatory on the Turin-Lyon line'' he reminded. ''We want to speed up the completion of Corridor 5.

The high-speed train (HST) was part of our electoral programme, there is full agreement in the government, so the Turin-Lyon will be built. The development of infrastructures is a priority for us. We have reopened many building sites after the previous government had closed them due to environmentalist fanaticism.

It pleases me that an idea that was introduced when Italy was EU president in 2003 is gaining a foothold on European level: the emission of Eurobonds to finance big European infrastructures''.

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